Classic Mini Variety Bundle (250g packs)Classic Mini Variety Bundle (250g packs)
Classic Mini Variety Bundle (250g packs)Classic Mini Variety Bundle (250g packs)Classic Mini Variety Bundle (250g packs)Classic Mini Variety Bundle (250g packs)Classic Mini Variety Bundle (250g packs)Classic Mini Variety Bundle (250g packs)


Your pet will love this selection of our best-selling classic Paleo Ridge recipes! All meals are hypoallergenic due to the impeccable quality of the proteins used in each meal. 

Please Note: All bundles ship in one delivery

Dhs 285.71

VAT included


Great for Sensitive Tummies

Great for Fussy Dogs

Includes Real Bone

Suitable for All Life Stages

Suitable for Cats

Recyclable & Compostable Packaging

Feeding Guide

How much should I feed?

How much food to feed depends on your dog’s age, activity level and body condition. Start with the lower percentage and readjust feeding amount, if necessary.

Puppies & Kittens

For Puppies, feed 3-3.5% of their anticipated 'ideal' adult body weight. For kittens, feed 4-5% of their anticipated 'ideal' adult weight.

Healthy Dogs & Cats

Feed 2-3% of their body weight. 

Smaller dogs and very active dogs may require a higher percentage of their body weight.

Overweight Pets

Feed 1.5-2% of their body weight.

Adjust the amount again once your pet is at their ideal weight.

IMPORTANT: Every pet is unique. Please note that these are only guidelines. Please adjust the feeding percentages and amounts based on how your pet looks.

Transition to raw

Please note we recommend adding "Gut Soothe" Pre&Probiotics for a easy transition to raw.

Day 1-3

25% Raw Food

75% Old Food

Day 4-6

50% Raw Food

50% Old Food

Day 7-9

75% Raw Food

25% Old Food

Day 10+

100% Raw Food

Store & Serve


Keep raw pet food frozen in the freezer at -18 Grad Celsius until ready to serve.


Thaw raw food in the fridge overnight when ready to serve. Keep raw pet food seperate from other foods.


Place thawed serving into your pet's stainless steel bowl or onto their LickiMat. Bon Appetit!


Store the thawed raw pet food in a sealed, airtight container in a designated area of the fridge and use within 3 days.

Safe Handling Tips:

  • Raw pet food must be treated just like any other raw meat: with care. 

  • Wash all work surfaces, utensils, hands, and food bowls with hot, soapy water before and after handling raw pet food. 

  • Use a separate sponge to clean bowls and utensils that were used for raw pet food.

  • Keep raw pet food away from children and separate from other foods. 

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Green Juju's Freeze-Dried Whole Food Bites - Mixed Bundle
Dhs 440.00

Shop 4 of the best-selling Classic 80:10:10 meals with the Paleo Ridge Variety Box

All 4 of these recipes are included in our subscription plan, so this is a great way to let your pet try the recipes before signing up for a subscription discount.

Naturally the best

100% free of nasties! NO synthetic vitamins & minerals, chemicals, flavorings, grains, fillers!

Highest welfare and ethically reared meats! This means our raw pet food is not only free of chemical pollutants but naturally more nutrient dense.

Grass-Fed &


The lamb & beef are grass-fed, free-range, and fully outdoor reared, the most ethical and high-welfare method of rearing sheep & cattle.


The chicken & duck meat comes from birds that nutrient-dense are free to roam outside in the fresh air on real ground with lots of sunshine, eating their natural diet. This means their meat is much healthier and more nutrient-dense.


The chicken is certified organic with the OF&G accreditation. Sourced from high-welfare, free-range UK farms, ensuring ethics and animal-welfare are top priority.

Ethically raised, high welfare & Human grade

Animal welfare is the highest priority when it comes to ingredient sourcing. Paleo Ridge does not support intensive factory farming.

The incredibly high sourcing practices ensure Paleo Ridge raw pet food is not only free of chemical pollutants but naturally more nutrient dense as well. There is simply no comparison to naturally-fed animals.

the Ingredients

Classic Mini Lamb Tripe & Duck

Grass-Fed Lamb Tripe, Free Range Duck with Bone, Grass-Fed Lamb Liver, Grass-Fed Lamb Kidneys

Classic Mini Beef, Rabbit, & Duck

Grass-Fed Beef Trim, Grass-Fed Beef Heart, Free Range Duck with Bone, Wild Rabbit, Grass-Fed Beef Liver, Grass-Fed Beef Kidney.

Classic Mini Lamb Breast & Heart

Grass-Fed Lamb Heart, Grass-Fed Lamb with Bone, Grass-Fed Lamb Liver, Grass-Fed Lamb Kidney.

Classic Mini Turkey

Pasture-Raised Turkey Boneless Thigh, Pasture-Raised Turkey with Bone, Pasture-Raised Turkey Heart, Pasture-Raised Turkey Liver

Certifications & Awards


Environmentally Friendly Packaging

  • Packaged in either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging

  • Be worry-free, knowing your pet’s food does not contribute to landfill waste. 

  • Our Classic Range 80-10-10 sleeves and card inserts for bagged items, all use eco friendly vegetable-based inks, and are also compostable.

  • All packs are leakproof, freezer safe, and have passed intensive rounds of internal testing. 

  • We care about the environment and we know you are as passionate about the environment as Paleo Ridge and PAWDEGA are.

about paleo ridge


Paleo Ridge is a family run business, lovingly built by 4 generations of dog lovers.

Paleo Ridge is currently the most accredited Raw Dog Food manufacturer in the UK.  

The secret to their impeccable quality is their relentless commitment to sourcing only the best ingredients. 


Every single meat supplier is carefully chosen according to Paleo Ridge’s very strict requirements surrounding welfare, ethics and sustainability, without compromise. 


Animal welfare is the highest priority when it comes to sourcing. Intensive factory farming goes hand in hand with poor animal welfare and unsatisfactory conditions. Paleo Ridge will not support or purchase from any supplier who fails to meet their high standards. All meat is vet checked at source and Paleo Ridge only uses human grade ingredients.


The accreditations that Paleo Ridge holds require independent unannounced audits which ensures that the very high standards are met every single day. 

Why we love Paleo Ridge

At PAWDEGA, we absolutely fell in love with Paleo Ridge for their incredibly high ethics and quality products. Ethical and sustainable sourcing has always been a priority for us and Paleo Ridge has met all of our incredibly high requirements as far as quality, transparency and sustainability. 


We want to make sure that PAWDEGA provides sustainable raw food options that will allow us to feed our dogs their natural raw diet, but at the same time enable us to make environmentally friendly decisions and respecting animal welfare.


We had the chance to personally meet the team in March 2020 and are incredibly proud to be able to offer Paleo Ridge Raw Pet Food to the pets of the UAE!


Is Health Care

  • Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat

  • Reduced Itching, Licking & Scratching

  • Cleaner Teeth & Better Oral Hygiene

  • Reduced Allergies

  • Improved Behaviour & Vitality

  • Strong Healthy Immune System

  • Smaller Poops & Healthy Digestion

  • Less tummy upsets

  • Better Weight & Healthy Muscles

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