Paw-Gest Digestive EnzymesPaw-Gest Digestive Enzymes
Paw-Gest Digestive Enzymes

Improve nutrient absorption


High potency digestive enzymes formulated specifically for the needs of cats and dogs. Unlocks the potential energy from the foods we give by properly putting them in a form easily recognizable by the body.

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VAT included

  • For dogs and cats

  • 11-Strain Digestive Enzymes

  • Extremely beneficial for pets with pancreatitis, pets on dry food, senior pets, or pets who struggle with food digestion

  • Safe & Non-Toxic

  • For dogs and cats

  • 11-Strain Digestive Enzymes

  • Extremely beneficial for pets with pancreatitis, pets on dry food, senior pets, or pets who struggle with food digestion

  • Safe & Non-Toxic

Improves nutrient absorption

Enzymes aid in digestion, assimilation, and absorption, while unlocking potential energy from food by properly putting them into a form easily recognizable by the body.  This typically reduces digestive distress symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, vomiting, & even hair balls in cats as well as discouraging the over-growth of intestinal yeast infections. It helps to improve the bioavailability of proteins and carbohydrates.

Pancreatic concerns

Digestive enzymes can be used provide support for pancreatic health and gastrointestinal issues, but are also extremely beneficial for healthy pets eating ultra-processed and heat treated pet foods

Especially beneficial for:

Pets that are on dry food, wet food or cooked food benefit from adding digestive enzymes because those diets are lacking in natural digestive enzymes which makes it harder to digest. Also very good for malnourished, skinny, and senior animal


Highest quality Digestive enzyme supplement for cats & dogs


Glacier Peak Holistics products are made entirely from active and organic ingredients to keep your pets safe. 

Free from GMO, preservatives, fillers, synthetics, sugars and other health depriving ingredients.



Why is paw-gest important?

  • Amaylase is a key factor in proper digestion, a supplement is only as good as the body's ability to assimilate it.

  • The absence of Amaylase in the carnivore’s gut, which is needed to break down starches, sets the stage for yeast overgrowth in the intestinal system causing chronic ear and skin issues. Enzymes are essential when feeding kibble or any foods with starchy vegetables.

  • Supplemental enzymes are needed to replace those destroyed by cooking and heat treating food.

  • Supplemental enzymes are needed to replace those destroyed by cooking and heat treating pfood.

  • Enzyme deficiency can affect the entire body. Your healthy dog can deplete their own digestive enzyme sources. This can affect other vital processes in his body such as the immune system, waste and toxin elimination, hormone regulation, and gallbladder function

  • Digestive enzymes are beneficial when feeding kibble or foods with starchy root vegetables due to the absence of the digestive enzyme amylase in the carnivore diet. Amylase is needed to break down starches, particularly beneficial for dogs and cats on a kibble diet. The lack of Amylase can sets the stage for yeast overgrowth in the intestinal system causing chronic ear and skin issues.  


  • Every dog requires digestive enzymes to break down what it eats into absorbable nutrients. A healthy dog without any health issues should be able to produce the enzymes they need.


Symptoms Of Digestive Enzyme Deficiency

  • Burping and farting 
  • Regurgitating undigested food
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Smelly breath 

  • Acid reflux 
  • Tummy rumbling or gurgling
  • Abdominal pain or cramping
  • Foul-smelling stools 
  • Undigested food in stool


WHY IS glacier peak holistics different?

  • Only 100% organic and active ingredients are used and all products are FREE from fillers, GMO, sugars, preservatives and other things we don’t want our pets exposed to.

  • To ensure the highest quality and potency, the herbs are gently blended by hand and in small batches. Other brands often use mechanical processes that generate heat, which can damage the herbs.

  • Over 20 years experience in working with herbs, homeopathics, and nutritionals, GPH has created exceptional products that focus on wellness and prevention and help relieve pain caused by injury, aging or disease.

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne M.
Reason for purchase: My dog has malabsorption (EPI)
How this product helped:: Far less pooing
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes
Paw-gest is amazing!

I’ve seen such a huge difference after only a week / I wish I had started in this sooner!


Paw-Gest contains a proprietary blend of Protease, Acid Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Glucoamylase, Lipase, Invertase, Maltase, Alpha-Galactosidase and Lactase in a base of organic maltodextrin


  • has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as an energy tonic and to enhance the immune system
  • Studies by the American Cancer Society show the positive effects of Astragalus on the immune systems of the cancer patients tested
  • It also has antiviral properties that are both preventative and defensive
  • While we often think of it as an immune system modulator, it is useful with many forms of cancer and especially to help support the body through chemotherapy
  • Astragalus is considered to be cardioprotective and is used with both mild and advanced congestive heart failure and angina. Astragalus is also used to regulate blood pressure in humans
  • Astragalus is an adaptogen, which means very loosely it helps the body to cope with stress
  • Astragalus is hepatoprotective, meaning that it protects liver against toxic substances and viruses to prevents liver damage

 Acid Protease

  • A protein-digesting enzyme that exhibits maximum activity and stability in acid conditions (pH 2.0–5.0) which is important for our canine and feline companions


  • Amylases break down carbohydrates in the food that your dog eats. Compared to people, dogs are not nearly as skilled at breaking down carbohydrates, because their bodies produce only small amounts of amylase
  • This digestive enzyme breaks down the starch in food into smaller carbohydrate molecules


  • This enzyme does not exist in a dog’s digestive system but it is essential for the breakdown of fiber, such as those from grains and plant material
  • Break down cellulose (fiber), which allows access to key nutrients in fruits and vegetables (e.g. carotenoids in carrots, polyphenols in berries, and folate in beans, spinach and broccoli).


  • Break down cellulose (fiber), which allows access to key nutrients in fruits and vegetables (e.g. carotenoids in carrots, polyphenols in berries, and folate in beans, spinach and broccoli). 
  • Cellulase is produced primarily by fungi, bacteria and protozoans.
  • Hemicellulase is a type of enzyme that degrades the plant cell wall polymer hemicellulose. 


  • a digestive enzyme who’s role is to assist in breaking down the starch that occurs in the vegetables contained in our pets diet
  • It grabs a glucose molecule from the chains that form starch, or from maltose
  • This glucose molecule ends up as an energy source for the body
  • Especially important for pets who are consuming starch heavy foods like potato or rice


  • An enzyme mainly produced by the pancreas that helps the body break down and digest dietary fats


  • Invertase is an enzyme that splits sugar into its component parts of glucose and fructose
  • In humans the enzyme acts as an immune booster, as an antioxidant, an antiseptic and is helpful for bone cancer or stomach cancer patients in some cases
  • Has been shown to help reduce colds, and other respiratory infections


  • An important digestive enzyme and part of the enzymatic process that our pets' bodies need to effectively digest starches and sugars present in grains and other plant-based foods we eat daily
  • May act as a preventive mechanism and support for chronic diarrhea
  • Digests complex and simple sugars, as well as unused glycogen in muscle tissue. Glycogen is converted from sugars and starches and is stored in muscle cells for future use.


  • Helps digest carbohydrates found in certain foods, such as beans, that are not readily digestible for our pets


  • Digests milk sugar
  • Most mammals have high intestinal lactase activity at birth, which declines to low levels with age and causes incomplete digestion of milk and other foods containing lactose
  • Like humans, some dogs and cats seem more capable of tolerating milk than others. Lactase helps digest milk sugars

Organic maltodextrin

  • Organic, Non-GMO, Free of Pesticides, Free of Synthetics, and Anti-caking 

WHAT'S NOT IN Glacier peak holistics?


Free of artificial preservatives or chemical preserving agents.


No sweeteners, sugars, or artificial sweeteners. Nothing to spike blood sugar levels.


Every ingredient in Glacier Peak Holistics is 100% pure and natural. There are no fillers.


The ingredients used are all-natural wholefood ingredients, nothing synthetic.


All of the ingredients are sourced from non-GMO sources. No pesticides or herbicides are used.


WHEN TO USE paw-gest:

  • For pets with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and/or pancreatitis (the second most common cause of EPI in dogs is chronic inflammation of the pancreas, which is known as pancreatitis)

  • An older dog (older dogs produce fewer enzymes)

    A dog with a digestive disorder

    A dog that has food allergies or food intolerances

  • A pet with a digestive disorder or that has food allergies or food intolerances.

  •  If your dog frequently experiences gas, diarrhea, soft stools and/or stools that contain a lot of mucus, he or she may be in need of digestive enzymes. You may also find that digestive enzymes are helpful if your furry friend has a tendency to eat the feces of other animals or its own.


how TO USE Paw-gest:

size of pet

teaspoons per day

2oz. will last

Cats over 1kg

1/8 tsp

96 days

Dogs up to 9kg

1/4 tsp

48 days

Dogs 9-23kg

1/2 tsp

24 days

Dogs over 23kg

1 tsp

12 days

Spilt recommended dose by number of meals served per day

DO NOT SERVE DRY. If you feed kibble, moisten it with a bit of water or broth, add the powdered enzymes and stir. If you feed raw or canned, just add the powder to wet food and stir.


  • Add to food and moisten with water or broth. Do not feed dry.

  • In order to preserve freshness, keep closed in a cool, dry place, and avoid excessive heat

  • Keep this and ALL herbal medicines out of the reach of children and pets

  • Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Not intended for animals under 12 weeks of age. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian


Frequently asked questions


Where and how are the products made?


Glacier Peak Holistic products are 100% organic herbal remedies, handmade in their facility in the mountains of Northwest Montana in small batches. The herbs are gently blended by hand instead of using mechanical processes that generate heat, which can damage the herbs. 

This ensures the highest potency for the herbal remedies, enabling Glaciers Peak Holistics to consistently offer the best for your pet. Keep in mind that because of the organic nature of the products, batch colors and texture may vary to some degree.


Can I use Glacier Peak Holistics products together?


Absolutely! Most of the products were made to work together, or synergistically. There are some that should be used alone for a short time.


How do I give herbal medicine?


The powdered herbal remedies are generally just added to food with a little warm water. The capsules can be hidden in a treat like cheese or something else your dog loves. 


I used the remedy but have seen little or no change yet, what am I doing wrong?


Chronic or severe conditions may require more time to see results, though most dogs seem to have major improvement in just a few days. An example of a condition requiring more time for improvement would be one of our customers with a torn ACL in both knees. Because of the severity of the injuries, this dog did not demonstrate significant improvement until half way through the third jar of Inflapotion capsules. This is the most extreme that we've seen.


What is holistic care?


Holistic care considers the animal as a whole. When illness is involved, the broad definition of holistic allows us to integrate both conventional and complementary therapies. When developing a holistic approach, we can consider lifestyle changes in addition to supportive therapies, such as herbal medicine. Another way to remember that holistic care is expansive in nature is to think of it as whole-istic.


How do I know how much to give my pet and what size to order?


The dosages for remedies from Glacier Peak Holistics are based on the weight of the animal, and are found on the product label and on the specific product page on our website. 

Please note in some cases, a range of dosage amount might be given for a certain weight. For example, if your dog weighs 20 kg, the dosage might range from 1/2 to 1 teaspoon. Every dog is a little different, and like us, may tolerate things differently. 

If you are unsure how much to give or how often to give it, please contact one of our professional representatives at and we will be happy to assist you.


Do the products have expiration dates?


Yes, the products are labeled with a Lot Number and an Expiration Date. Generally, the powder and capsule remedies have a 2-year shelf life, and the tinctures have a 3-year shelf life.


Do you have a product that could help prevent illness from stress or exposure to illnesses?


Yes. Glacier Peak Holistics Peak Immune is made for both dogs and horses. This remedy supports robust immune function and is to be used during seasonal changes, or during stressful events, such as showing, traveling, or heavy workouts. Please follow the label instructions for using this remedy, or see full information on the Peak Immune page.


Do you have a natural, non-toxic dewormer for dogs and horses?


Yes. Glacier Peak Holistics Daily Defense is a natural and non-toxic dewormer for horses AND dogs. It is a daily nutritional supplement which is also high in minerals and antioxidant herbs. Daily Defense creates an environment in the GI tract that is inhospitable to parasites. Daily Defense does not remove blood-borne parasites.


I have been using Glacier Peak products for some time now. They seemed to be working very well, but now not so much. Has your product changed?


In traditional herbal medicine, it is said that a remedy used for six days, should have one day of rest before resuming the daily dosage. 

In the same way, a product used for six weeks should have one week of rest, and a product used for six months should have one month of rest. 

While this "pulsing" of the dosages is not necessarily set in stone, there is research to indicate that the intestine will have better absorption of the remedies when they are pulsed.

We recommend that you give your animal a rest period, and then resume the dosage on a pulsed schedule, such as six days on and one day off.


What product would be best for a dog with hip dysplasia?


Depending on the severity of the case, Inflapotion works great. If your dog has some days that are worse than others, it's recommended you use both Inflapotion and Herbaprin together.


What is the difference between Holistic Medicine and Traditional Veterinary Medicine?


Traditional Medicine, also referred to as Western or Allopathic Medicine, treats the symptoms your pet is experiencing. Generally speaking, traditional medicine, as practiced today, does not treat the underlying constitution of the body, the root cause of your pet’s health concern, nor bring about a "cure." 

For example, the most common treatment for injuries and post-surgical pain in animals, is an NSAID type of anti-inflammatory and pain management. This does not address restorative or regenerative support for the body, in the way that a holistic approach would. For example, Glacier Peak Holistics “Inflapotion” contains herbs which aid in the healing of damaged tissue. Damaged tissues can be muscle, tendon, the intestinal lining, skin, or any other tissue which has inflammation, as with injury or from surgery. Also, in the case of an injury or post-surgical pain, the addition of “HerbAprin” will further aid in pain reduction, as well as have a mild sedative effect to help your animal rest and recover. HerbAprin works synergistically with Inflapotion for a holistic approach to healing by addressing the animals need to rest during the healing process. 

Western medicine works wonders when the body is "broken." Holistic medicine balances the "whole" body during illness. Sometimes we (and our pets) need both.


My pet is sensitive to corn, but there is corn in some of your tinctures. Can you explain this?


Glacier Peak Holistics use distilled corn alcohol as an emulsion for some of the tinctures. By the time the corn is heated and distilled, it no longer has the same properties as the whole grain.


Does GPH have a natural wound care product?


Yes. Mountain Salve is designed to treat external fungal conditions, hot spots, cuts and abrasions. Please note, this product is for external use only. Glaciers Peak Holistics also makes a Colloidal Silver spray for use as an antiseptic, to be followed by the Mountain Salve. Mountain Salve may also be effective in the prevention of proud flesh in horses.


Do you have a natural and non-toxic product that will treat rain rot on my horse?


Yes. For scratches, cracked heels, rain rot, and other fungal conditions, including girth itch, we recommend Inflapotion. In severe cases, it is recommended to combine Glacier Peak Gold and Inflapotion to be a complete holistic remedy. We also offer Mountain Salve, which provides soothing relief for these conditions.


why we love glacier peak holistics!


Glacier Peak Holitics (GPH) ticks all of our boxes when it comes to safe, effective and natural products for your dog’s, cat’s and horse’s wellness and longevity.


to provide your animals with safe and natural solutions, GPH uses 100% organic ingredients that have been used as herbal remedies throughout history.


With over 20 years experience working with herbs, homeopathics, and nutritionals, GPH has created exceptional products that focus on wellness and prevention and help relieve pain caused by injury, aging or disease. 

All products are handcrafted and manufactured in small batches in the beautiful mountains of Northwest Montana. 


We are incredibly happy to have personally met some of the humans behind GPH on our travels to the USA and are proud to work with ethical, small businesses to provide safe options to the pets of the UAE.


Debe Gwynn (Founder of GPH) is a certified herbalist and herbal remedy formulator. She has been designing herbal remedies for animals since 1996. Debe is also a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. 

She shares her home with her adopted pound puppies, Ellia and Krieger, and a little black kitty named Puma, and her Arabians, Sabah and Gracie. 

Her angel dogs, Isabella and Koda, and beloved horse Sameh, were the inspiration behind the GPH product range.


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