Unscented Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo with Aloe Certified to USDA Organic Food Standards - 16 oz bottleUnscented Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo with Aloe Certified to USDA Organic Food Standards - 16 oz bottle
Unscented Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo with Aloe Certified to USDA Organic Food Standards - 16 oz bottle

This hypoallergenic shampoo gives soothing relief to dry and itchy skin. It improves and promotes natural healthy skin by using beneficial certified organic oils and aloe vera.

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  • For Dogs, Cats, & More

  • Great For All Skin Types But Perfect For Sensitive Skin

  • Revitalize Mind, Body and Soul

  • Certified Organic to Organic Food Standards

  • Safe & Non-Toxic

  • For Dogs & Cats

  • Great For All Skin Types But Perfect For Sensitive Skin

  • Revitalize Mind, Body and Soul

  • Certified Organic to Organic Food Standards

  • Safe & Non-Toxic 

Relief & Soothe

Helps Relief Itchy, Inflamed and 

Dry Skin


Unscented and Perfect For Cats and Dogs With Ultra Sensitive Skin


Clean Ingredients for Clean Animals. 

100% Natural, 0% Toxic.




4-Legger is the very first USDA certified organic pet shampoo using safe & non-toxic organic aloe juice, organic oils, and organic essential oils!  

Their mission is to make the pet grooming industry a safer and more transparent place so every dog can have a truly healthy bath!



WHAT MAKES 4-LEGGER shampoo special?

  • The best of the best! USDA Certified organic dog shampoo to Organic Food Standards!

  • Finally you can be worry-free and give your dog a truly healthy bath!

  • Many so-called “natural” dog shampoos will still contain harmful preservatives, but 4-Legger is made only with 100% safe and non-toxic natural ingredients. There are absolutely no artificial and absolutely no synthetic chemicals in 4-Legger! Just simple, natural ingredients! 

  • The hypoallergenic shampoo is perfect for all animals and especially beneficial for pets with extremely sensitive skin. Holistic veterinarians love this shampoo, because they can add their own essential oils to treat a variety of conditions amongst their pet patients.


Why is Natural Organic Shampoo important?

  • Preserve your pet's natural coat oils and give their fur a nice glow & smell. Toxic-free and worry-free!

  • Protect your pet from harmful side effects that can occur after using traditional pet shampoos.

  • Our pet’s skin (their largest organ) absorbs the toxins that are commonly found in widely sold non-organic pet shampoos. This can lead to itchy skin, rashes, organ toxicity, hormone disruption and more.

  • There are no established regulations when it comes to the grooming industry. Ingredients are not tested to determine if they are safe for our pets, or free from contaminants. 4-Legger is certified organic - So you can be worry-free!


Saponified organic oils of coconut, olive, and jojoba, natural essential oil blend of rosemary and lemongrass, organic aloe vera, and rosemary extract

Organic Coconut Oil 

  • Perfect for hydrating and moisturizing the skin
  • Great for dogs that have inflamed, dry, irritated skin, or other skin sensitivities
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties
  • 4-Legger uses certified organic, sustainably grown, fair trade certified coconut oil
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Organic Olive Oil

  • Nourishes and protects the skin, providing minerals, and natural fatty acids 
  • Rich in A, D, E, & K with Vitamin E leading the pack which is an antioxidant
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  • Helps against fungal infections as it is a natural fungicide
  • Amazing healing aid for skin problems and itchy skin
  • Known as a great moisturizer
  • May help the body to produce collagen and may help speed up wound healing
  • Source 1,7,8,9

Lemongrass Essential Oil

  • Natural repellent for insects like lice, fleas and ticks
  • Natural cleanser and skin toner that stimulates blood circulation
  • Revitalizes mind and soul
  • Protects against fungus and microbes
  • Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
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Rosemary Essential Oil

  • Helps treat dry skin
  • Makes the coat shiny
  • Improves quality of the skin
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Source 1

Organic Aloe Juice

  • Historically known for relieving and improving skin, hair and fur conditions.
  • Studies show it inhibits the growth of fungus due to it’s anti-fungal properties
  • Commonly used to treat burns, wounds, cracked or dry skin
  • Promotes hair/fur growth and acts as a great conditioner which leaves hair and fur look and feel shiny and smooth.
  • Naturally soothes irritated skin
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Rosemary Extract

  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • A natural preservative which also acts as a powerful antioxidant
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  • No GMO Ingredients 
  • No Pesticides
  • No Parabens
  • No Sulfates
  • No Detergents
  • No Artificial Fragrances, Colours, or Preservatives
  • No Petroleum-based Ingredients
  • No Ethanolamines
  • No Formaldehyde Preservatives (DMDM/DMDH Hydantoin etc.)
  • No Animal Products
  • No MEA, DEA, PEG


Here is some great advice from our friends at 4 Legger:

  • Step One: Catch The Dog 

  • Step Two: Give the bottle a nice proper shake to mix up the ingredients

  • Step Three: From head to tail, wet your 4-Legger up with warm water

  • Step Four: Apply 4-Legger to the palm of your human hand and apply to your pet



  • You only need a small amount of the shampoo to cover your pet, even if you find the consistency of this shampoo to be thin. Use more water to get more foam.

  • Using a foaming bottle makes your 4-Legger organic shampoo look and feel like shaving creme and you may find it easier to apply.

  • Gently massage the 4-Legger Shampoo deep into your pet’s coat and massage thoroughly until the water runs clear.

  • Use precaution when washing around your pet’s eye. Use a washcloth to wash their face.


Frequently asked questions


Does 4-legger dry out skin and strip the natural oils from my dogs coat?


4-Legger will not dry your dog's skin or strip the natural oils. In fact, it will do quite the opposite! 

Due to flawed manufacturing practices and low quality ingredients, mainstream soap has gotten a bad reputation over the years and is said to dry out the skin. Substances such as free alkali, artifical color and fragrance also increases the probability that the soap will be drying. 

4-Legger uses superb ingredients and processing to retain 100% of the glycerin in the product and there are no free alkalis and synthetic chemicals in the formulations.


How often should I Shower my dog?


It really depends upon the dog, climate, breed, level of activity, and of course how much they like to roll in camel poop! 

A dog with an oily coat may need to be bathed more frequently while dogs with short hair or water-repellent, thick, or double coats can be bathed less frequently. On average once or twice a month will maintain a healthy coat!


Does 4-legger contain sulfates or other potentially toxic ingredients?


No. 4-Legger shampoo does NOT contain ANY of the ingredients commonly found in traditional pet shampoos. 

4-Legger promises that their products will never contain ANY of the following ingredients:

Artificial fragrance, artificial colors, sulfates, formaldehyde, Cocomide DEA, MEA, or TEA, Cocamidopropyl betaine, isopropyl alcohol, Isopropyl (SD-40) alcohol, isothiazolinone preservatives (Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone), parabens, mineral oil, polyethylene glycol, PEG-40, propylene glycol, sodium benzoate preservatives, sodium lauerth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, or polysorbates! 


CAn I use 4-Legger on my cat?


Yes! You can use this 4-Legger Aloe and Lemongrass shampoo and the Unscented Certified Organic shampoo on your cat, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, and other animal (including yourself)! 

Many people have concerns about using essential oils on cats. Their information is unfortunately 10+ years old. Thanks to the pioneering studies of Dr Melissa Shelton, many veterinarians and households now safely use essential oils with their feline family members. Dr Shelton has many case studies on her website and in her newsletters. 

The real concern with using essential oils on cats (and dogs) is the quality of the essential oil. If you use a low grade essential oil on any animal they will likely have a reaction! When we use high quality essential oils on a cat they may have a tremendous benefit. Never use undiluted essential oil on dogs or cats. Essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil unless it is for treatment by a veterinarian who has expert level cat/essential oil experience (like Dr. Shelton)! Also, there are animals (dogs, cats, humans, etc.) that are sensitive to essential oils and if there is any reaction - use should be discontinued. 4-Legger is very careful in their selection of essential oils and their quality.


Why is the consistency of the shampoo so thin?


The short answer is 4-Legger left out the bad stuff! 

Here is the longer answer: The ingredients in traditional dog shampoo that are used to make shampoo thicker are not allowed in organic products. 

The thickeners that many of us are used to using are also linked to dry and itchy skin and can pose health risks when used on your dog.  

4-Legger does have a formulation with vegetable guar gum to make the certified organic dog shampoo thicker; but, it does reduce lather. 

We value lather over consistency!


Does 4-legger shampoo deter fleas?


Yes! With the exception of the Unscented Shampoos, all of the formulations have flea deterrent essential oils to naturally repel pests without poisoning your pet!


How are ingredients sourced?


4-Leggers standards are very high, investing A LOT of time to research and sourceing. 

Focusing on quality and sustainability of the ingredients, no slave or child labor is used and the environmental impact is governed by an elaborate set of farming and production standards with a narrow list of allowed inputs and processing aids. It prohibits the use of synthetic fertilizers, toxic pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). 

Organic agriculture enriches the soil, protects water quality, promotes ecological balance and biodiversity, reduces our exposure to synthetic pesticides, and helps preserve our planet for future generations. Organic is the gold standard for the safest products on the market - period. 

4-Legger's goal is to find the highest quality safest ingredient with the lowest impact on our planet. 

Essential Oil Sourcing?

Selecting essential oils is an art. There are thousands of suppliers and vast differences in quality.

The quality of the essential oils are more important than words can express as these oils go on your dog's skin and can get into their bodies through their skin pores. 

While 4-Legger has analyzed the GC/MS for the essential oils they took it a step further by taking veterinary aromatherapy training with Dr. Melissa Shelton, holistic and integrative veterinarian and founder of animalEO. Together with Dr Shelton and their combines wealth of knowledge, 4-Legger selects the very best essential oils from around the world while still caring for our planet. 


Are 4-Legger products cruelty-free?


Yes, 4-Legger is leaping bunny certified. All ingredients are safe and non-toxic! 

The products are first tested on Melissa Boland, the CEO of 4-Legger, to see if she likes the essential oil blends. Once she is happy with the blends they do a lot of dog washing to make sure you and your dogs love the blends just as much!


Where are 4-Legger products manufactured?


The products are manufactured in the United States. 

All ingredients are responsibly sourced from around the world. They are very carefully selected for their very high quality (certified organic being one of the deciding factors of course), sustainability, environmental impact, and purity. 4-Legger is planet friendly!

Where possible,  ingredients are sourced from within the United States.


why we love 4-legger!


There are many products on the market that call themselves “organic” and “all-natural”, but unfortunately whats in the bottle doesn't always match that claim! 4-Legger products are actually certified to prove that there is nothing but goodness in the bottle!

All ingredients and products are independently reviewed by the National Organics Program, to ensure compliance with the USDA organic standards - The highest standard a product can achieve.

Ingredients are carefully selected for sustainability, and ethical harvesting and growing practices.

All products are made in the USA in small batches to ensure high quality and they are never tested on animals. 

4-Legger products are cruelty free and leaping bunny certified.


Melissa Boland, the founder and CEO of 4-Legger, has dedicated her life to changing the pet grooming industry, making it safer for our pets, after she has lost her dog to Cancer. 

We met Melissa 2018 in Chicago and have been using her products ever since. Melissa lives what she preaches and we are extremely thankful to have dedicated individuals like her, who work hard to provide the world with incredible and truly safe pet products we can trust.

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