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Over 80% of the immune system lays in the gut, which is why gut health is one of the most important pet health topics we focus on! Every pet can benefit from adding pre & probiotics to the diet!

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High-quality Pre & Probiotics can help enhance your pet's digestive health, reduce allergies, and enhance Immunity.

They are an essential part of a healthy pet supplement routine, for any pet at any age. For the best results, it's recommended to rotate between the different Pre & Probiotics. 

15 products

15 products

Fido’s Flora - Canine Specific Pre & Probiotic
from Dhs 229.00
Canine Gut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / Herbs
from Dhs 145.00
Healthy Gut - Digestive Enzyme / Pre & Probiotic
from Dhs 153.00
Leaky Gut Protocol
from Dhs 479.00
Yeasty Beast Protocol
Dhs 289.00
Love Bugs - Pre & Probiotics
from Dhs 140.00
Feline Gut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / Herbs
Dhs 153.00
The Wolf - Species Appropriate Pre & Probiotic
Dhs 265.00
Soil & Sea | Primordial Pre & Probiotics
from Dhs 229.00
Felix’s Flora - Feline-Specific Pre & Probiotic
Dhs 185.00
Easy Peesy Protocol
Dhs 263.00
Easy Peesy II | Nutraceutical Powder
Dhs 155.00
Allergy & Yeast Relief Protocol
from Dhs 987.00
Equine Gut Soothe
Dhs 599.00
Gut of Steel (3 Product Bundle)
from Dhs 723.00