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Reason for purchase: Allergy
How this product helped:: It almost disappeared because I haven't used it for a month
Fido’s Flora

My dog ​​suffers from sensitivity in the abdominal area since the castration procedure, but now it is better after using the product

Reason for purchase: Searched for it on the website to be part of our grooming and ear cleaning
How this product helped:: Less ear scratching and ears always clean
PAWDEGA Experience : Always answering our questions and recommending products based on our preferences
Clean ears

I use this to clean my dog's ears every week. It's easy to use. He usually gets scared but this doesn't sting and doesn't bother him. Wax and any other things come out of ears easily.

Reason for purchase: It was recommended as part of distemper protection live show and guide
How this product helped:: Less episodes of sickness and joints seem healthy
PAWDEGA Experience : Always recommending what is best for us
Joint Health and Prevention

I started this supplement during the distemper outbreak as part of the immunity boosting routine and having golden paste as part of my dog's supplements. And now I use it for joint health to protect my dog from joint disease and prevent any possible future issues with joints. So far this has done great. It tastes good so I can mix it with my dog's food.

Reason for purchase: Diarrhea, Coccidia
How this product helped:: Formed stools
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes
Better stools

My dogs got coccidia and there were on antibiotics and probiotics paste for two weeks, but their stools were still not formed. I decided to add this to their diet and it got better.

Reason for purchase: The kitten had constipation for 2 days from the formula milk
How this product helped:: Less than 24 hours the kitten start to poop normally
PAWDEGA Experience : They where very helpful and replay on time

I have been adding a small pinch of feline gut sooth into the formula milk of the two weeks old rescued kitten, which helped him to get rid of constipation after drinking the milk

Reason for purchase: My desert dog was having seizures
How this product helped:: I have been giving this to her alongside other remedies to help her body detox and stop the seizures. We are 5 weeks seizure free at this time.
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes Kristina has been wonderful and even checked to see how Sandra was doing
Much needed product for dogs

I'm thrilled with Pawdegas product range and am about to order more supplements. I'm very happy with the ingredients and knowing that with each dosage they are getting healthier and stronger

Reason for purchase: My dog has malabsorption (EPI)
How this product helped:: Far less pooing
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes
Paw-gest is amazing!

I’ve seen such a huge difference after only a week / I wish I had started in this sooner!

Reason for purchase: I wanted to ensure Alfie has as healthy a diet as possible. It wasn't recommended, I just searched for health treats for pets
How this product helped:: His system is regular, he is full of energy
PAWDEGA Experience : They have been very helpful with any query I may have and given me lots of useful advice
Beef Red - Grass-Fed Freeze-Dried Whole Food Bites

My toy poodle, Alfie, absolutely loves these treats. As soon as he hears the opening of the bag he comes running. I am in the process of training him and use the treats to reward, and it gives me peace of mind that I know his treats are healthy for him.

Liver Tonic
Stephanie S.
Reason for purchase: No health issues, just recommended and decided to give it a try.
How this product helped:: Energy levels go up.
PAWDEGA Experience : Always available for advice.
Great detox

My dogs are in good health, but I use liver detox twice a year and notice a change in my dogs' energy levels within a week. They clearly feel the benefit of it!

Reason for purchase: Diarrhea and vomiting
How this product helped:: No diarrhea for a long time and they recover faster if it got irritated from other sources
PAWDEGA Experience : They are the ones who helped to choose these products
A must add-on!

This is just a must to add if you are feeding dry or wet food or even fresh food to your fur babies. Just so love what it did for them! Never seen them so happy and healthy!

Reason for purchase: Vomiting & food allergies
How this product helped:: Reduced vomiting
PAWDEGA Experience : They were great at guiding me on which supplement suits my boy's needs
Happy cat

My cat has this ongoing random vomiting due to acid reflux & food allergies. For years!

I used to give him another brand of probiotic that wasn’t working & he would still have the same problem.

Highly recommend this product. Healthy Gut is so gentle and has no side effects. :)

Reason for purchase: For overall health
How this product helped:: Not been to vet for health issues
PAWDEGA Experience : Their great advises for your furbabies health! They do care!
Healthiest I’ve been with them!

Love all the products we bought from Pawdega as it made a huge impact with my two furbabies. Never seen them as healthier as ever. Definitely recommend!

Judy Morgan's Dental Health Formula

This products has a very good smell and it freshens doggie breathe.

Great service

Pawdega have been amazing in offering advice on what to give my dog to help with certain health issues. I've been ordering raw food and supplements from them for a short while, the quality is great, delivery is quick and my dog absolutely loves everything!

WO Play Ball
Reason for purchase: NA
How this product helped:: Not enough time
WO ball

As soon as I received the toy my two dogs were fighting over it and spent hours running around with it. My most favorite thing about this ball is that it’s first toxic free which is very important to me as a pet owner and it’s super durable. Every other ball toy I had purchased in the past would be destroyed in a day and I would have to get rid of it because I wouldn’t want my dogs swollowing tiny pieces of rubber. Absolute must for dogs!

Reason for purchase: She had stomach issues, this helps keep things balanced
How this product helped:: Better digestion, more energy.
PAWDEGA Experience : Always available to answer questions multiple times till we are comfortable with committing to an product
Fido Flora

I am glad we introduced Fido Flora in our dog's diet. She has been prescribed pro biotics from time to time for various conditions but being proactively adding this to her diet has resulted in none of the earlier issues cropping up. Definitely helps keep the energy levels up!

Reason for purchase: To transition my puppy from dry to raw food
How this product helped:: She absolutely loves mealtime
PAWDEGA Experience : Larry has been super helpful, answering all my questions and supporting in every way he can
Absolutely love the switch to raw


Reason for purchase: Just a precautionary product
How this product helped:: Energetic less panting
PAWDEGA Experience : Good product range
Love this

Our frenchie absolutely loves this. When he sees it, he knows its time to go out. The cooling vest does the job in keeping him cool during warm temperatures.

Reason for purchase: I want to make my dog’s walks as enjoyable and cool as possible even during summer. This jacket looked easy to put on, stylish and just requires water
How this product helped:: Longer walks and i can feel my dog is cool under
PAWDEGA Experience : They always answer and great support and guidance
Summer must-have!

Excellent product and material. The jacket is really keeping my dog cool and is so easy to put on! Worth it!!

Reason for purchase: Previously my dogs have suffered with post vaccine side effects
How this product helped:: No post vaccine side effects
PAWDEGA Experience : its great that I can find holistic products for my dogs and only give them the very best so they can live long and happy and healthy lives.
Post vaccine treatment

My three dogs have all previously suffered from post annual vaccine side effects. I purchased the Adored Beast Anti Vaccinosis for this years boosters. What a difference it made! No poorly doggies, swelling, vomiting, lack of appetite etc. Three happy doggies and one happy mummy!!

Reason for purchase: I trust Charly and Larry at PAWDEGA so when they mention the cooling vest was a good investment, I trusted them and got one.
How this product helped:: Still soon but he does not mind it and I believe it is better for him.
PAWDEGA Experience : By providing excellent advices and good products

Summer is Dubai is difficult for dogs, especially a hairy one like mine. I wanted to provide him with some relief during our walks.

Reason for purchase: Cancer everywhere
How this product helped:: More active, more energy, feeling better
PAWDEGA Experience : Very helpful and always available
Osteosarcoma with metastasis

I started one month ago all supplements from Pawdega, very good products, more active, feeling better. I am using Chaga, Turkey tail mushroom extract, Fido flora, and Phyto synergy

Thank you so much for sharing Patrisia! This makes us so happy to hear! We are so glad you have seen improvement in just one month of using our natural and holistic products. Wishing you and your pet continued health and wellness!

Reason for purchase: Cancer patent
How this product helped:: Energy, feels better
PAWDEGA Experience : Very hospitable and helpful
Very good product

Turkey tail and all supplements from Pawdega are very good

Thank you so much for sharing this Patrisia! We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our holistic pet products.

Reason for purchase: My dog has cancer last stage, but we are seeing results with all these supplements
How this product helped:: She is better, more energy, no pain
PAWDEGA Experience : Very helpful everything i wanted they help me
Turkey tail excellent product

Very good product not event a month and my dog is better with cancer

Thank you so much for sharing Patrisia! This makes us so happy to hear! We are so glad you have seen improvement in just one month of using our natural and holistic products. Wishing you and your pet continued health and wellness!

Reason for purchase: After constant vet visits with no proper treatment for my cat who had phases where he would suddenly get unknown allergy attacks and start over-grooming himself to the point of having a few bald areas I decided to try this product which was recommended to me by PAWDEGA!
How this product helped:: My cat has completely stopped over-grooming and his hair in the areas where he over-groomed himself has grown back! I’ve also noticed that his fur is shinier and his energy levels have increased a lot. Since starting leaky gut protocol and with a change of diet my cat hasn’t shown any sign of allergies that he used to do before.
PAWDEGA Experience : They recommended the products to me after I asked what was best for my cats issues and clarified a few questions I had regarding the products! PAWDEGA also followed up to check how my cat was doing after starting our natural wellness journey, which was great!

My entire experience with PAWDEGA has been great and I can’t thank them enough for providing such amazing products!

Thank you so much for sharing Luna! We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our holistic pet products. We are so glad that your cat did so well with our Leaky Gut Protocol. This makes us so happy to hear! We wish your pet's continued health and wellness!