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Reason for purchase: She has recurrent eye allergies. Her allergies didn’t disappear overnight. However, we are so glad we persisted as they have really improved over time.
How this product helped:: Her eye allergies are much better, we haven’t been to the vets for over a month now. Her coat looks great. She is calmer and more relaxed in the house.
PAWDEGA Experience : The support was great. We were recommended supplements to support the transition to raw food.
Great product

We really wanted to switch to raw food but had struggled to digest other brands. Paleo Ridge and the support from Pawdega really helped. She has more consistent energy, and is much calmer in the house. Her coat also looks great.

Reason for purchase: I didn’t want to use chemical flee and tick treatments on my dog.
How this product helped:: I don’t have to use toxic chemicals.
PAWDEGA Experience : I always get great support and my answers are answered promptly.
Smells good.

I’ve been using this for a couple of months. It smells great, is non toxic and seems to work. Easy to apply.

Reason for purchase: The vitamins are amazing and all the ingredients are natural and healthy
How this product helped:: They look healthy and have amazing energy
Organic and healthy

Frankly, it is an indispensable product because its ingredients are natural and it is beneficial for the health of animals

Reason for purchase: Wanted good training tests for her sensitive stomach that easily reacts!
How this product helped:: She doesn’t react or get unwell after training sessions! 🙏🏼
PAWDEGA Experience : They have made my dog super healthy and strengthened her gut a lot!
My dog loves them

My dog loves them, and I love that they can substitute 10% of her daily intake!

Reason for purchase: I started purchasing joint related products because my pup got diagnosed with hip dysplasia
How this product helped:: She is in less pain.
PAWDEGA Experience : Always emailing to see how everything is going

The products are homeopathic, natural, and is beneficial to my pup.

Reason for purchase: Our toy poodle got sick after taking the medical pill for worms so we decided to use natural products only
PAWDEGA Experience : Carmen is very helpful and always available to give support and advise
Satisfied with the purchase

We wanted to use natural worm prevention for our toy poodle and we are very happy with this purchase, he is a fussy eater and doesn't want consuming many supplements, he takes "No more worms" without problem (even tho the liquid have smell). We do use many other products from Pawdega for prevention as: Liver Tonic, Fido Flora, Herbal Tick & Flea Spot On, Jump for Joints, shampoo etc and we are very happy with the results and will keep using pawdega products

Reason for purchase: We were recommended this product because we wanted a natural flea and tick alternative
How this product helped:: We haven’t noticed any changes but we feel better now that we don’t use a chemical treatment
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes
Great smelling shampoo

Product is really gentle and smells good. Our dog is super soft after we use it and it gives us peace of mind that she is protected from fleas and tics.

Reason for purchase: We have been giving Luna only raw food, and she is thriving. No more vet visits due to upset gut!
How this product helped:: Healthier. Stronger gut. No more vet visits.
PAWDEGA Experience : They helped me with the transition from dry food to raw food. Also helped me with making Lunas gut stronger, and eliminating other health concerns!
Food time is the best time of the day now!

I love that the meals are already balanced. Works great for busy days when you don’t have much time to prepare the dogs food.

Reason for purchase: I didn’t want to use a chemical treatment on my dog.
How this product helped:: It smells really nice unlike chemical treatments.
PAWDEGA Experience : I always get really good customer service from Pawdega. The always check in to make sure we are ok with new products.
Nice smelling natural flee and tick

100% natural flee and tick treatment. Our dog doesn’t like being sprayed directly so I apply it to my hands and then rub it into her coat. It took a bit of training but with a few treats she got used to it really quickly.

Reason for purchase: Allergy and chronic pain
How this product helped:: He is not licking us paws any more and he seems to have gotten a bit more energy, which I contribute to not being in as much pain anymore
PAWDEGA Experience : Great guidance, so friendly and supportive, and they are quick to answer your questions
Amazing products

I absolutely love the fact that these products are all natural, and even more them have really seemed to help both my dogs with multiple issues.

Reason for purchase: Got this for my dog who has been having seizures recommended by the Pawdega team.
How this product helped:: We are more than 1 month seizure free now!
PAWDEGA Experience : Carmen is ever so patient explaining all their recommendations and helping us get the right supplements for my dog.
More than 1 month seizure free!

My dog has been experiencing seizures that scared us so I contacted Pawdega team to ask for any recommendations about my dogs seizures since we want to have the most holistic approach. Carmen introduced us to 3 products, one of which is Super Cleanse Kelp that did wonders for my boy!

Reason for purchase: Nibbling his paws
How this product helped:: Inflammation has reduced and he leaves his paw along now
PAWDEGA Experience : The shared great care before during and now after my purchase.
Product & service A*

I reached out for some help with my dog chewing his foot and causing inflammation around the nail bed. What I love about pawdega is, Carmen wanted to get to know Cooper and I first, understand our lifestyle and what the cause could be. She took the time to send me in depth, how I can treat and prevent this happening again.

I bought this spray and with in days cooper was so much better, the swelling has gone down and no more nibbling.

Thank you so much Team Pawdega!

Reason for purchase: Quality
How this product helped:: Health
PAWDEGA Experience : Carmen is the best
Quality/ Service Top!

Our Frenchy is 1y4m old and for a year eats Pawdega only! Quality, packaging, delivery is outstanding!
Special thanks to Carmen who always there if we have any questions ! You are star 🌟

Reason for purchase: Bought it because her previous vest made her fur/skin vet, which turned into a lot itching causing rashes
How this product helped:: Able to stay outside for longer periods without her being super exhausted
PAWDEGA Experience : They have been amazing, and my dog is thriving thanks to the PAWDEGA team and their help
Love it!

I'm so glad we were able to find a cooling vest that cools her down WITHOUT making her fur vet! We can now play outside without worrying about heatstrokes

Reason for purchase: No
Cats like them too

My shihtzu is very picky and sometimes doesn't want to eat her food. She now waits for us to add the sprinkles on her food. I've ordered a few flavors, he likes them all. I'm looking for new item same company.

Bach Rescue Remedy Pets
Reason for purchase: Anxiety
How this product helped:: No rash from stress
PAWDEGA Experience : Always super helpful to answer all my questions on whatsapp

Our maltese always gets anxious when we go on holiday and leave him at boarding for 3 weeks. Usually after 2-3 weeks, he starts to get a rash from stress. This time they administered Bach rescue remedy 2-3 daily and he seemed less stress and more relaxed during his stay there, he did not come back home with any rashes!

We are so happy to hear you’ve noticed improved health and wellness and that Cookie had a stress-free boarding experience! Thank you so much for sharing.

Reason for purchase: Cooper has been having uti and bacterial infections
How this product helped:: He is more energetic
PAWDEGA Experience : Carmen has been a guiding Angel who has guided us through the entire process
Wolf species probiotic

As guided by Carmen.... wolf species has helped cooper immensely in stabilising his gut

Thank you so much for sharing! This makes us so happy to hear! We wish Oscar and Cooper continued health and wellness!

Reason for purchase: Skin Issues
How this product helped:: Tear stains vanished, "chips" smell is gone, smaller and less stinky poop, more energy, excited about meal times
PAWDEGA Experience : Carmen literally walked me through every step and held my hand while I was a nervous wreck and sad about my baby suffering with open wound and hair falling off
Life Saver!

I had an incredible experience with Pawdega and their amazing team Carmen, Larry and Charly!
Back in March 2023, Scarlett was struggling with severe skin issues (worse than ever before!) and I was at a loss what to do but I knew we can no longer go with the traditional meds. Transitioning from kibble to raw food was a daunting prospect, but Pawdega's dedicated team held my hand through every step of the process, especially Carmen. Her guidance and advice on food and supplements were invaluable in clearing Scarlett's skin problems. Thanks to their support, we successfully made the transition to a fully raw diet. We went through several bottles of liver tonic and followed the yeasty beast protocol, and the results were astonishing. Scarlett's skin issues improved by a remarkable 95%, I would say. Her tear stains vanished, and that "chips" smell is long gone. Her poop is now much smaller, and she has a newfound burst of energy.
But perhaps the most heartwarming part is how excited Scarlett has become about her food. She eagerly anticipates mealtime, even sensing when we're about to take her food out of the fridge. She patiently sits by her food station, drooling with anticipation until we place her meal in front of her. Thanks to Pawdega, Scarlett's health and happiness have soared, and I couldn't be more grateful for their exceptional support and expertise! 🐾🥩👏

Thank you so much for sharing! It makes us SO happy to hear that Scarlett is thriving since completing the Yeasty Beast Protocol and transitioning to a raw diet. It is really incredible that you noticed such massive improvements in her skin issues, tear stains and stool. We are so glad that our holistic pet products have worked so well for her. We wish Scarlett continued health and wellness and look forward to continuing to support her on her natural wellness journey!

Reason for purchase: Since my dog is almost a senior, I wanted to opt for a more natural approach so I inquired to the Pawdega Team and Carmen guided me all the way through.
How this product helped:: She never pees in small amounts frequently anymore! Her pees are of normal amount now.
PAWDEGA Experience : Carmen has been amazing! She is very helpful with the recommendations and made sure to check for updates from time to time too.
Gave my dog the solution to her UTI

My dog has a recurring UTI and the Easy Peesy Protocol helped her eliminate the cause of UTI. Now she pees with ease!

Thank you so much for sharing! This makes us so happy to hear! We wish your dogs continued health and wellness!

Reason for purchase: Aging pet and preventative care
How this product helped:: Better poops, coat, and overall health
PAWDEGA Experience : They are the BEST! They share all the information they learn with us and have helped me to set up the perfect supplement system with my dogs raw food!
Best Pre & Probiotics

Pawdega is my go to source for trusted, clean, safe, and helpful products for my dog! Since implementing gut soothe and other products, my dog has lost weight, had better bowel movements, and her coat is so soft and shiny! And I know I’m helping her live her longest and happiest life!

We are so happy to hear that you noticed improvements in your dog’s weight, skin & coat, and digestion. Thanks so much for sharing. We wish Athena continued health and wellness, and we are really glad to be part of her natural wellness journey!

Liver Tonic
Gabriela H.
Reason for purchase: I purchased this item to treat liver damage after I saw great comments in the Dog Lovers community
How this product helped:: Inflammation has reduced
PAWDEGA Experience : A lot of helps, the whole products they offer are awesome
Great Liver Tonic

My dog was diagnosed with liver damage after a surgery (due to anaesthesia) and this Liver tonic was a great compliment for his treatment

Thank you so much for sharing! It makes us so happy to hear that Liver Tonic has helped reduce the inflammation! We wish your dog continued health and wellness!

Reason for purchase: Betty would lick her paws constantly
How this product helped:: She has now completely stopped!
PAWDEGA Experience : Continuous support, they followed up with questions and would check on how we are getting on - super helpful

I was sceptical that it was going to be yet another product that didn’t work for us but after just a week Bettys paw licking virtually stopped! It’s such a relief and I would recommend the Yeasty Beast Protocol to anyone that suspects a yeast infection!

Thank you so much for sharing this. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our holistic pet products and that Betty was able to find relief for her paw licking. We hope you continue to see improvements in Betty's overall health & wellness!

Reason for purchase: Paw licking
How this product helped:: Completely stopped!
PAWDEGA Experience : Continuous supper throughout

Just love everything about Pawdega!! We used the yeasty beast protocol for our dogs paw licking and she completely stopped after just a week! pawdega are regularly in touch with follow ups and answer all our questions in great detail. We’re so glad we found Pawdega!

We are so happy to hear you’ve noticed improved health and wellness and that Betty stopped licking her paws after only a week, that's amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

Reason for purchase: I bought this brought for boosting the digestive system and food sensitivity.
How this product helped:: High energy levels
PAWDEGA Experience : The Pawdega Team as always has been very cooperative in guiding to select the best for our furbabies.
Fantastic Feline Gut Soothe

It's such an amazing probiotic which is loaded with goodness that benefits the overall well-being of our furbabies.

We are so happy to hear you’ve noticed improved health and wellness! Thank you so much for sharing.

Great product

Thank you so much for sharing this. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our holistic pet products.