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Reason for purchase: for the gut healthy
How this product helped:: no more loose stool
PAWDEGA Experience : yes , they are really helpful and recommend the better way for me,thank you so much💯
Love it

before my doggies easy get loose stool , and i tried other brand before but nothing change until i try Gut soothe, really amazing , feel like their gut more strong.

Aisha B.f.
A magic !

When I found out that my cat (biscuit) has fungus I used anti-fungal spray , cream and ointment for 20 days .. it didn’t help and the fungus was growing .
I started to apply super heal on September 13 and after 11 days the area becomes clear and the hair grows back.

Reason for purchase: Gut heath supplement for sensitive tummy
How this product helped:: Better toiler m...
Paleo ridge raw dog food

My frenchie jango loved the beef , duck and chicken that we ordered. Compared to other raw food delivery company we only paid 145dhs for all 3 which lasted ua 2 weeks which was great! There's also a really good selection to choose from. We love that there are different supplements as jango has a sensitive tummy all we use the gut health and had a good result so far!

Reason for purchase: To keep my pet healthy

Great read, it has given me a new perspective about what I should be doing to keep Gucho fit, healthy and 'forever' . Great tips for pet parents and provides deeper insight into understanding how to take care of our pets for the long term.

Reason for purchase: My baby girl was diagnosed with bone cancer.
How this product helped:: Her energy is back to normal & more active
PAWDEGA Experience : Very informative & always available
Must have!

Foxie was diagnosed with bone cancer in August & got her left leg amputated to avoid any bone fracture & hopefully avoid the spread of the cancer. I reached out to Pawdega right after they have posted about the Chaga mushrooms & its benefits. I am happy with this product especially seeing Foxie be more active, she's running around a lot despite having 3 legs & praying for a much much longer and happier life.

Mountain Salve
Darryl P.
Reason for purchase: It was basically for an insect bite and just an overall good ointment to apply to heal the bruises quickly
How this product helped:: Quick healing time for any cuts, bruises etc
PAWDEGA Experience : They definitely take time to understand the situation of your pet before advising any of their product. This adds a great personal touch to the service they offer
Mountain Salve

This has basically become my first aid kit to apply on my pets in case of any cuts, bruises etc. Considering the organic ingredients in it, I don't have to worry about my pets accidentally ingesting it.

Reason for purchase: I started giving this because I had just left my baby at boarding and then found out there was a dog who tested positive for Giardia. I really panicked as I was travelling abroad so I got in touch with Pawdega and they were brilliant. They recommended I start giving him Faith’s Detox and Cleanse which would naturally help boost his immune system and may help protect him against Giardia.
How this product helped:: Thankfully we came back from vacation and Cino did not get Giardia.
PAWDEGA Experience : They have always been on hand anytime I’ve had an issue and have always given me great advice. They were brilliant when I travelled and were good enough to drop of this product to the daycare immediately.
Faith’s Detox and Cleanse

Please see below

Reason for purchase: Constipation and gut health.
How this product helped:: No more constipation and amazing coat improvement.
PAWDEGA Experience : Very approachable and knowledgeable
Great for gut health and coat

Introduced this to my frenchie who was having trouble with constipation, not only has it helped with that but also his coat is so shiny. I also just got a rescue frenchie and the change in his coat and overall health has been amazing. Highly recommend for any frenchie parents and they love the taste I mix it with their raw food.

Reason for purchase: Balance her gut. She gets anxious and stops eating
How this product helped:: Increased appetite
PAWDEGA Experience : N/A
It’s good

My dog has it with her food and so far she’s been having an appetite which is great because My issue with her is that she doesn’t eat but she has been consistent.
Her poop sometimes is good sometimes no I think it just needs time to work.
I also noticed she stopped scratching often.

Reason for purchase: Our boy is overall healthy, but has always been prone to severe allergic reactions. Fur baby girl is a rescue, came to us with an acute Ehrlichiosis - dramatic anemia, completely blind due to hemorrhaging into the eyes & swollen joints. Antibiotics treatment later she beat the infection, but her organs were quite damaged. I was looking for supplements that would support the natural body healing and boost the immune system for both doggies. We use the Turkey Tail for the hoomans, so were happy to find the doggies version.
How this product helped:: The improvement in blood results, as well overall wellbeing of both fur babies is impressive. Coat look, skin condition, even the eye pressure has improved!
Amazing supplement

We use the Turkey Tail extract for both of our Frenchies - with completely different health issues to address.

Reason for purchase: Allergies and yeast infection
How this product helped:: Doesn't itch anymore, redness has reduced
PAWDEGA Experience : They have been super helpful
This probiotic has been a miracle.

Helped heal my cavs of allergies and yeast infection.

Reason for purchase: One of my dogs is an amputee and she gets scratched and grazed a lot. I got the oopsies and owies, mountain salve, and colloidal silver regularly.
How this product helped:: These products really work like magic. All sines of injuries are gone within 2 days!
PAWDEGA Experience : They took the time to read about everything I had to say about each of my pets and gave their recommended for each of them with detailed descriptions.
All products

I’ve honestly been alternating between all of the products that were recommended specifically for each member of my pack and I’m so happy with the results

Reason for purchase: He was not gaining weight and was very fussy with food
How this product helped:: He looks happier, coat is better and energy levels are great
PAWDEGA Experience : They're superb!! Love them!
Supplements & Food

The meat looks cleaner and doesn't smell as awful as previously tried brands. Supplements have helped alot to fix the immunity & overall activity!

Reason for purchase: My dog is fussy
How this product helped:: she is eating more happy
PAWDEGA Experience : i dont think so, they havent contacted me?
Spoiled Dog Approved

My dog is super fussy with the food but she loves PAWDEGA! She is eating is very happyily. Unfortunately the food sticks in the fridge haha but well what do to. Also I think the process of ordering subscription should be enhanced, it should be available on the website, not only thru whatsaap. Overall would recommend definiately!

Reason for purchase: Just a precautionary product
How this product helped:: Energetic
Chaga Mushrooms

Our lil frenchie loves it with his meals. Nothing more to be said :)

Reason for purchase: My baby girl was diagnosed with bone cancer. Emma recommended the products
How this product helped:: Feel like her energy is back to normal and she seems happier
PAWDEGA Experience : Very informative & always available
Sticking with natural products for my Foxie

Foxie was diagnosed with bone cancer in August & got her left leg amputated to avoid any bone fracture & hopefully avoid the spread of the cancer. I reached out to Pawdega right after they have posted about the Chaga mushrooms & its benefits. Thank you Emma for providing me all the recommended products such as the Faith's cleanse & detox, turkey tail mushrooms, fido's flora. I am happy with the products especially seeing Foxie gain her energy back & praying for a much much longer and happier life.

Daily Defense
Damen P.
Reason for purchase: Cancer , preventive measures
How this product helped:: Energy level , skin and coat
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes
Love the products

My dog has MCT and we have been spending a Colossal amount on her treatments, ever since I started her on this holistic journey I have seen a massive difference in her energy

Reason for purchase: Wanted an alternative to Bravecto
PAWDEGA Experience : Charly and Larry are fab

Great to have a toxic free alternative treatment available in the UAE

Reason for purchase: The product being natural with zero side effects
How this product helped:: Better life and almost zero inflamation & scratching of head & ears
PAWDEGA Experience : Larry gave me a call personally and has been folowing up on the progress and helping us clarify our doubts as and when required
Allergies and yeast infection

I have used many other meds, none of them worked for my 7 months old golden retriever. He used to scratch and bite his paws like continuously, shake his head every now and then, causing a lot of discomfort & inflammation for him. He started having hair loss on his face, back and on his legs. I tried the yeasty beast and see his skin has improved a lot, hair growth is back and my boy started having a comfortable life with very minimalistic scratching.

Reason for purchase: I wanted practical bowls from good non-toxic materials.
How this product helped:: They love the bowls! They stay in place and don't have slim edges which makes the food easier to grab.
PAWDEGA Experience : They're just awesome!!
Best bowls!

I have tried different types, materials, first I was sceptical as these look big for my small dogs, but actually they're perfect! they have a bigger base which gives a lot of stability, they're easy to clean and the anti-slip ring stays in place perfectly! 100% recommend!

Reason for purchase: I saw the highlight in the instagram about the allergies and I then i send a direct message telling about my cat symptoms and they recommend the leaky gut protocol for her
How this product helped:: Hair started to grow in just 1 month and half and she doesn’t scratch herself like before, she’s more calm and active
PAWDEGA Experience : They were very helpful and they answer on every questions I have.
Hair falling and itchy skin

My cat was diagnosed that she have allergy either from food or the surrounding environment, no medication actually worked, after we stopped it, even the allergy dry food that the vet prescribed for her didn’t actually help. The symptoms was still there.

Reason for purchase: I noticed my dog had itchy skin (red spot) few days after we got her back from boarding. I immediately consulted Pawdega and recommended to use Owies & Oopsies Topical Spray aling with gut soothe.
How this product helped:: My dog was less itchy in few days and I noticed red spots fading and sore were drying quickly
PAWDEGA Experience : Definitely helpful🥰🥰…atleast no more frequent vet visit
Best Decision Ever! Thanks Pawdega 😇

Can’t thank enough Pawdega for having products that’s purely holistic 🥰😇😊
it’s now my go-to solution for my dog’s health 🤗🤗🤗

Reason for purchase: It was recommended and I have been reading as well
How this product helped:: They’ve been well. Good appetite and so far no one got sick yet. ❤️
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes! Totally!
Worth the Try!

Knock on wood, so far my bubus has been well since taking this protocol. Such a life changer for me and them.

Reason for purchase: Just for general health
How this product helped:: Energy
PAWDEGA Experience : The vitamins are great and all natural ingredients.

My dogs are doing well with this new addition.

Reason for purchase: Allergies and yeast infection
How this product helped:: Doesn't itch anymore, redness has reduced
PAWDEGA Experience : They have been super helpful
Love the products and the team

We have used the adored beast fido flora probiotic and currently using the yeasty beast protocol. Seen alot of improvement in our boy Elvis. Thanks alot for the great support guys. Cheers!