Bone & Joint Health

Enhance your dog's, cat's, and horse's mobility and joint health with our natural joint care supplements.

Support healthy development in your growing puppy, help prevent joint concerns in your adult pet, and provide natural relief for stiffness, pain, injury, arthritis, and joint concerns.

Formulated to support agility and comfort, these natural supplements promote healthier, happier pets. Explore our range and give your pet the gift of active, pain-free living.

29 products

29 products

Fido’s Flora - Canine Specific Pre & Probiotic
from Dhs 229.00
Gut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / Herbs
from Dhs 145.00
Jump for JOYnts - Joint Support
Dhs 122.50
Phyto Synergy - 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton
from Dhs 249.00
Raw HEMP Oil
Dhs 109.00
Chaga Mushrooms | Liquid Triple Extract
Dhs 265.00
Augustine's Superboost
from Dhs 109.00
Salmon Blue - Wild-Caught Freeze-Dried Whole Food Bites
from Dhs 76.00
Potent-Sea Omega-3 Oil | EPA & DHA
Dhs 195.00
Feline Gut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / Herbs
Dhs 153.00
Organic Healthy Hip & Joint (Golden Paste)
from Dhs 63.00
Classic Fish Ground (1kg)
Regular price Dhs 62.00 Sale pricefrom Dhs 37.20 Save 40%
Inflapotion Anti-Inflammatory
Dhs 119.00
The Wolf - Species Appropriate Pre & Probiotic
Dhs 265.00
Soil & Sea | Primordial Pre & Probiotics
from Dhs 229.00
Felix’s Flora - Feline-Specific Pre & Probiotic
Dhs 185.00
Elk Antler Sprinkles
Dhs 77.00
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HerbAprin Comfort & Relaxation
Dhs 129.00
DIY Whole Fish (800g)
Dhs 62.00
Organic Superfood Set
Regular price Dhs 436.00 Sale pricefrom Dhs 239.40 Save 45%
Classic Lamb Bone Broth (400ml)
from Dhs 49.50
Dr. Judy's PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide)
Dhs 205.00
Aches & Discomfort - Organic Herbal Remedy
Dhs 169.00
Classic Beef Bone Broth (400ml)
from Dhs 49.50
DIY Organic Chicken Carcass (1kg)
Regular price Dhs 62.00 Sale priceDhs 43.40 Save 30%
Equine Jump for JOYnts
Dhs 229.00
Equine Gut Soothe
Dhs 599.00
Classic Bone Broth Bundle
Dhs 94.00
Equine Turkey Tail Mushrooms | Liquid Triple Extract
Dhs 449.00