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To create a healthy skin and coat, we need to support the gut health of our pets as well, which is why you'll see topical products as well as supplements! Help create and maintain vibrant skin health and a shiny coat the natural way, with this collection of TRULY safe and NON-toxic pet products!

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32 products

32 products

Cooling Organic Peppermint Dog Shampoo
Dhs 135.00
CALM Organic Lavender Dog Shampoo
Dhs 135.00
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Rejuvenate - Organic Lemongrass Dog Deodorizing Spray
Dhs 95.00
Fido’s Flora - Canine Specific Pre & Probiotic
from Dhs 229.00
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Augustine's Superboost
from Dhs 109.00
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Relax - Organic Lavender Dog Deodorizing Spray
Dhs 95.00
Canine Gut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / Herbs
from Dhs 145.00
Phyto Synergy - 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton
from Dhs 249.00
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Dhs 123.00
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Faith’s Cleanse & Detox
from Dhs 169.00
Yeasty Beast | Topical Yeast Spray for Dogs
Dhs 122.50
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Owies & Oopsies Topical Spray
Dhs 122.50
Yeasty Beast Protocol
Dhs 289.00
Leaky Gut Protocol
from Dhs 479.00
Healthy Gut - Digestive Enzyme / Pre & Probiotic
from Dhs 153.00
Feline Gut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / Herbs
Dhs 153.00
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Love Bugs - Pre & Probiotics
from Dhs 140.00
Raw HEMP Oil
Dhs 109.00
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Dhs 125.00
Herbal Flea & Tick Spot-On (Toxic-Free)
from Dhs 89.00
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Augustine's SuperBath (60g)
Dhs 115.00
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Mountain Salve
Dhs 112.00
TriPlex™ MCT-3 (Coconut) Oil
Dhs 189.00
Chaga Mushrooms | Liquid Triple Extract
Dhs 265.00
Organic Healing Balm For Dog Nose & Paws
Dhs 89.00
Equine Gut Soothe
Dhs 599.00
Organic Superfood Set
Regular price Dhs 436.00 Sale pricefrom Dhs 239.40 Save 45%
Potent-Sea Omega-3 Oil | EPA & DHA
Dhs 195.00
Felix’s Flora - Feline-Specific Pre & Probiotic
Dhs 185.00
Organic Healthy Skin & Coat Supplement
from Dhs 63.00
The Wolf - Species Appropriate Pre & Probiotic
Dhs 265.00
Soil & Sea | Primordial Pre & Probiotics
from Dhs 229.00