Low-Fat Recipes & Treats

Veterinarians generally recommend low-fat diets to pets diagnosed with chronic heart concerns or pancreatitis. However, the quality of fat along with the quality of the protein is extremely important. Holistic veterinarians recommend minimizing the amount of carbohydrates to help reduce inflammation and strain on the organs of the body.

At Pawdega, we offer organic, free-range, pasture-raised high-quality meals for dogs and cats. 

All the recipes and treats in this collection are below 10% fat.


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Essentials Beef Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)Essentials Beef Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)
Dhs 50.00
Classic Lamb Tripe & Turkey (1kg)Classic Lamb Tripe & Turkey (1kg)
Dhs 47.14
Essentials Lamb Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)Essentials Lamb Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)
Dhs 50.00
Classic Beef, Rabbit, & Duck (1kg)Classic Beef, Rabbit, & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 66.67
Classic Wild Venison & Duck (500g)Classic Wild Venison & Duck (500g)
Dhs 52.38
Classic Venison, Beef Tripe, & Duck (1kg)Classic Venison, Beef Tripe, & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 64.76
Raw Kangaroo Chunks (500g)Raw Kangaroo Chunks (500g)
Dhs 86.00