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Reason for purchase: One of the dogs coat wasn't looking or feeling healthy. She was a re-homed doggy with swollen gut, itchiness and overall not a very healthy pup. .
How this product helped:: We had changed her diet weeks prior but after giving her all the the Kin-Kind supplements I could see a huge difference after 2 weeks. She was a much happier dog overall. No more itchiness healthier poo's and a glowing coat and huge difference with her breath.
PAWDEGA Experience : I am a huge fan of Pawdega and love watching their videos as have so much knowledge of their products they sell. They have really helped me in the past with our first French bulldog as she suffered with a yeast infection.
Kin + Kind Super food set

I would highly recommend this bundle of health supplements for your pets because since using them I have seen a huge difference with our two dogs. Their coats are super shiny and healthy, their breath smells good and have very healthy poo's. So basically a huge difference with their gut issues. Its easy to see why the dogs love it when each of the products smell so good. I am about to place an order again for another bundle. Love it!

Reason for purchase: Need for ear cleaning
How this product helped:: n/a
PAWDEGA Experience : n/a
Great Ear Cleaner

One dog has furry floppy ears and as such his ears need to be cleaned regularly, I have tried a few products which all end up all over the show when he shakes due to the consistency and they have quite a potent smell, this product doesnt... I would highly recommend it as a frequent use ear cleaner!

Reason for purchase: Teeth and general health
How this product helped:: Nothing as yet
PAWDEGA Experience : Introducing me to the extra nutrients to put on the home made meals for my furchild

Toby loves the chicken necks scoffed it down. A bit pricey but for a once a week treat worth it.

Reason for purchase: Transition to raw
How this product helped:: Smooth transition with no diarrhea
PAWDEGA Experience : Best advice on what products to use for targeted issues
Easy Transition to Raw with Liver Tonic

Adored Beast Apothecary's Liver Tonic helped us transition smoothly from air-dried kibble to raw!

Reason for purchase: She’s a Dander queen.
How this product helped:: Softer coat and better skin
PAWDEGA Experience : They gave me all the information I needed and more
Love this smell

I love how this smells. We decided to use this to reduce the dander my dog was producing. I love that it is safe and natural.

Reason for purchase: Alternative to vet medication
How this product helped:: -
PAWDEGA Experience : They gave me all the information I needed
Great alternative to medication

I’ve stumbled upon a lot of reviews that talk about the adverse effect of medication, so we decided to try this. Given that it can repel ticks, we’re very happy with it since it is very safe.

Liver Tonic
Fatima a.
Reason for purchase: No health issues
PAWDEGA Experience : Always available for and respect them
Liver tonic

My dogs are in good health, but I use liver detox twice a year because he change to raw food and notice a change in my dogs' energy levels and help him alot

Reason for purchase: Organic and affordable. We love the quality
How this product helped:: Yes, firmed poop. No more sensitive stomachs
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes
So effective.

This is our favorite probiotics.

Your Go 2
Reason for purchase: Ive been using adored Beast products for the past three years and very happy with it.
PAWDEGA Experience : Both are very informative and helpful
Love Adored Beast products

Ive been using adored Beast products for the past three years and very happy with it. I like to keep Your Go 2 in my emergency kit just in case

Reason for purchase: Pre and probiotics were recommended in advance of his relocation.
How this product helped:: No issues at all in his toilet habits which is great.
PAWDEGA Experience : I also got advice on vaccinations and the prep/aftercare for that which was super helpful as he’s due in the next few weeks for his annual vaccinations.
Healthy Gut - It’s a Winner

I was recommended Healthy Gut in preparation for Beau flying back home to help his transition from one raw food brand to another and also to prep him for the journey and it worked a treat. He had no stomach issues and I’m continuing on a smaller daily dose as I genuinely think it’s a good thing for him to have his pre and probiotics in his diet. Thank you Pawdega!

Reason for purchase: I used it to improve his digestion health and it worked. this product was recommended by a friend
How this product helped:: I noticed increased appetite and energy, improved digestion and coat health.
PAWDEGA Experience : Pawdega team was always helpful! I'm really grateful to them
This product is amazing!!

After finishing the whole bottle, I can say that I’m really happy with the results!
My cat used to have constipation due to hairballs and Felix Flora helped him a lot, now he poops almost everyday.
He's usually a lazy and low active cat but I noticed his appetite and energy really increased, and his coat improved even more.
Also I noticed increased production of ear wax at the end of the course, this is probably due to the detoxification process.

Reason for purchase: Hot spots
How this product helped:: The hot spot healed extremely well and no more since!
PAWDEGA Experience : They have been such an incredible support to us 🤍
Amazing spray!

Our GR has suffered with hot spots since we adopted her and it’s been horrible to see her suffer with them. She had a really bad one and so I reached out to the fab team at PAWDEGA who recommended this spray and it has worked like a dream! I’m so grateful for the advice and great product and Roxi is certainly so much happier now! This spray combined with the Leaky Gut Protocol has had such an amazing impact - I cannot thank the team enough!

Reason for purchase: GI/Highly sensitive stomach/nausea
How this product helped:: My dogs stools have beeb relatively consistent. Vastly better than before.
PAWDEGA Experience : Not really
Minimal issues since starting Fido’s Flora

I hadn’t realised how well this was working until I stopped using for 1.5 days (to replace with another Pawdega product) and one of my dogs pre-existing issues resurfaced.

She would also frantically have an urge to eat grass once a week like clockwork. It was like she was going to be sick so we’d rush outside and she’d proceed to munch grass like her life depended on it. It was distressing and concerning. Particularly as it’s communal grass so could be sprayed with insecticide and contains various dogs’ poop.
A week after starting FF this need to eat grass stopped. She’s also had minimal stomach issues, bar a couple of incidents however much better than before…also I can sleep as I’d be up worrying all night before!

Repurchasing for sure

Reason for purchase: Chose this product to fortify our dogs gut and maybe ease skin concerns.
How this product helped:: Much more energetic and less scratching to the point that we were able to remove our poodle’s cone! 😁
PAWDEGA Experience : The team is always 1 message away.
Great Product!

Just wanna say the wolf worked its magic on our babies. I don’t know if it’s just us but since we started the wolf pre probiotic, our babies were happier than usual. Too early to say if it worked on our pooch’s itchy skin but we can definitely see a big far the scratching has lessened and the blackening/thickening of skin has lessened too!

Reason for purchase: Wanted to provide new chew to help clean its teeth and for the health benefits of it
How this product helped:: I now know he’s interested in Duck foot and I’m thinking of trying Raw Duck Foot this time
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes
Dehydrated Duck Foot (Free-Range & Pasture-Raised) Review

I bought this for my cat, the quality seemed very good and he was very interested in it.
Unfortunately though it was too tough for him to chew, this may only suit big size cats and dogs.

Reason for purchase: My dog is having some skin issues and this product has certainly helped to calm the redness and the itchiness.
How this product helped:: The skin “rash” is slowly improving.
PAWDEGA Experience : Both Charley and Larry are amazing human beings with their hearts and heads in the right place! I always recommend PAWDEGA when it comes to natural healing and support for your pet.
Amazing products for your beloved pets

I have purchased a few different products from PAWDEGA and can highly recommend them for their efficacy and species appropriate ingredients and research.

perfect first aid

I keep this in my first aid toolbox and it gives me peace of mind

Reason for purchase: itchy ears, paws, dark skin spots + tear stains
How this product helped:: the scratching got way less, the skin is really nice and bright on the shaved belly + now after 3 weeks tear stains are gone!
PAWDEGA Experience : amazing chat! no question is too silly, i feel like some things they had to repeat three times for me but the customer service was just outstanding. its mindblowing for me that they share their knowledge for free! like you learn stuff you would never hear at a vet visit. i always thought holistic means gentle, small results whatsoever but this journey proofed me wrong completley
solution to itchy ears, dark skin spots & FINALLY no more tear stains!

we used the products along with switching to a raw diet for our pomeranian and shihtzu. both suffered from reoccurring ear infection, our pom had dark spots on his skin & the never ending issue with red tear stains + smelly face for our shihtzu.
i am not sure what exactly did the magic but i can only assume it was a combination of switching to raw and tackling the yeast which might have been the issue for all of the above. it was a hard realisation that the ear scratching, paw licking etc are not weird habits or ticks, it pretty much comes all back to yeast which we tackled with help of a vet (ear flushing & daily cleaning with a prescribed rinse) BUT it was interesting for me, that there was not a mentioning of healing the dog from the inside/eliminating the yeast completely. Staying away from carb rich (premium) kibble was an obvious next step to not feed the yeast bacteria anymore, thats why we decided to switch to raw whilst using the protocols for our two dogs. the result now after 3 weeks only is mind blowing. it is quite a bit of reading to understand what to use when but once we put on lables on the bottles it got super easy and we are way quicker. Cant wait to see how our dogs do in a month from now!

Reason for purchase: Recommended by a friend
How this product helped:: Hard stools
PAWDEGA Experience : Reach out via WhatsApp to check if the product is working
Sensitive tummy

I have a senior rottie who often gets a sensitive tummy out of nowhere. This product was recommended by a friend and really did save the day (and my floor!) mixed with a bit of Yakult my furbaby loves this and it helps harden her stools and relieves her upset tummy.

Reason for purchase: Something different for the dogs
How this product helped:: n/a
PAWDEGA Experience : n/a
Enjoyed by the pooches

I must admit I was a bit freaked out seeing these chew treats, especially since one resembled the one dogs black ear... but... both dogs absolutely adored them, the will be added on the special occasion treat list from now on!

Reason for purchase: Because my dog switch his food from boiled to raw
How this product helped:: No more diarrhea
PAWDEGA Experience : I cannot express my gratitude to everyone, especially kristina
Gut soothe

I always use it when my dog ​​or cat has diarrhea or allergies. I never regret buying it

Reason for purchase: I started to use this product to avoid the toxic chemicals in the medications available from the vets. My dog has pancreatitis and suffers from fits. I chose to use this to avoid the chemical toxins she was being exposed to.
How this product helped:: She is always keen to take her dewormer without the horrible side effects she used to have with the chemical brands.
PAWDEGA Experience : The PAWDWGA team are always to helpful and give informative advise. They know their products and are very much invested in our pet health.
Naturally My First Choice!

After my dog started fitting post vaccination's and deworming I have chosen to give her the best that I could to prevent the toxic overload experienced from the chemical medications administered. Although quite pungent my dog seems to like it and has never once refused to take it.

Reason for purchase: Tumor, detox
How this product helped:: Less dependency on steroids and painkillers.
PAWDEGA Experience : Yes
This stuff really works!

My little Maltese has been diagnosed with a tumor in her spine. Multiple MRI’s later it was confirmed that she would need surgery to stabilize. I contacted the Pawdega team straightaway for holistic support and we started her on Turkey Tail mushroom extract along with Chaga mushroom extract and liver detox. Its been just over 2 months and she is doing great! Her steroid dosage has been reduced and the vet can’t believe that the MRI belongs to the same dog. Thank you Pawdega team for keeping my pooches healthy. Please pray my little pup continues to thrive and lived a long life. We will consider surgery but in my heart i know her body is strong and she will be more than ok. And post surgery recovery will be be powered byPawdega!

Reason for purchase: To improve brain health and shiny coat
How this product helped:: Just that my dog loves the taste
PAWDEGA Experience : Theyre great as always
Feel like it makes food yummier?

My dog licks the bowl clean whenever there are traces of this coconut oil.. guess it makes the meal yummier?

Leaky Gut Protocol - 5 Product Repair Kit