Dog Cooling Vest Chiller® ChienDog Cooling Vest Chiller® Chien
Dog Cooling Vest Chiller® ChienDog Cooling Vest Chiller® ChienDog Cooling Vest Chiller® Chien

The Most Effective Cooling Vest in The UAE! This easy-to-use and super comfortable cooling vest is perfect for the Dubai heat! It will help protect your dog from heat exhaustion and keep them cool on your daily walks or desert runs. No refrigeration or freezer needed! Simply wet the vest to keep them happy!

Dhs 200.00

VAT included


  • No refrigeration needed!

  • Especially beneficial for snub-nosed, senior, overweight and giant dogs

  • Measure from the base of neck to start of the tail and choose the correct back length

  • Made in the UK

  • Safe & Non-Toxic Material

  • No refrigeration needed!

  • Especially beneficial for snub-nosed, senior, overweight and giant dogs

  • Measure from the base of neck to start of the tail and choose the correct back length

  • Made in the UK

  • Safe & Non-Toxic Material

stay safe & cool

Reduce the risk of overheating and heatstroke. Keep your dog safe and help them cool down.

convenient & Easy

Just pour water on it. No need to refrigerate. Super easy to use, easy fit and lightweight.

reduce stress

Dubai heat puts a lot of physical and mental stress on humans and dogs! Help lower heat related stress in your dog and lower your anxiety at the same time.


stay calm and keep cool!

Safe & Non-Toxic patented material without any chemical gel fillers that could harm your pet!
Dubai heat can stress pet parents as well as pets mentally and physically. This vest has helped us stay more calm, knowing our dog is panting less and staying cool. It's super easy to use and very light weight.


HOW to find the right size

  • A cooling vest does not need to cover the full length of your dog’s back to fulfill its function. The position of the coat should be pleasing to the eye, but the cooling vest will be effective with as little as 50% coverage.

  • Select a back length to cover most of your dog’s back so that it will look nice and work effectively. The hook & loop technology offers considerable adjustment in any one size.

  • We have gathered a size suggestion, however we do recommend to measure your dog's back length to make sure the vest will fit.


Why is the cooling vest so cool?

  • We don’t have to tell you how hot it gets in the Dubai summer heat and how important it is to make sure our dogs are staying cool to prevent them from overheating!

  • The Dog Cooling Vest Chiller® Chien is made of a material specially designed to hold water without wetting your dog. So while your dog stays dry and odour free, the cooling vest transfers heat away from your dog, keeping him cool and comfortable.

  • Whether laying in the garden, speeding through the desert, or cruising around in the car, your dog will be cooler and more refreshed.

  • The cooling vest was designed for comfort. It will not restrict movement (we’ve tested it over agility courses) and will not move and slide from your dog’s back. It’s light and super easy to use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Megan B.
Reason for purchase: Keep dog cooler on walks
How this product helped:: My dog is staying cooler on walks
Combatting Summer Heat

This cool vest works! It's so simple to use and put on. When I take it off and feel my dog's fur after a walk, he is STILL COOL! This is, quite literally, a lifesaver for summer in the Middle East.

Thank you so much for sharing this. We are so glad to hear that the Cooling vest is helping to keep your dog cool during his summer walks. We wish your dog continued health and wellness!

Reason for purchase: Bought it because her previous vest made her fur/skin vet, which turned into a lot itching causing rashes
How this product helped:: Able to stay outside for longer periods without her being super exhausted
PAWDEGA Experience : They have been amazing, and my dog is thriving thanks to the PAWDEGA team and their help
Love it!

I'm so glad we were able to find a cooling vest that cools her down WITHOUT making her fur vet! We can now play outside without worrying about heatstrokes

Thank you so much for sharing! It makes us so happy to hear that Luna is able to enjoy longer walks without getting exhausted. We wish your dog continued health and wellness!

Reason for purchase: protect him from heatstroke
How this product helped:: He can walk longer in the morning
PAWDEGA Experience : PAWDEGA team is always super helpful with any questions that we have

This vest really helps to keep my maltese cool, even after being outside for 40 minutes, when we remove the vest, his fur still feels cool. He can walk longer because of it and i am less worried now during the hot summer of Dubai!

We are so happy to hear that Cookie is able to enjoy longer walks in the summer. Thank you so much for sharing!

Alexandra O.
Reason for purchase: For my shihtzu mix, saw it on instagram gucho & raven
How this product helped:: She doesnt pant anymore, its really a life saver
PAWDEGA Experience : 10/10
Protects from heat and UV after summer cut

Love the vest, it really works! Plus i just got recently told that summer haircuts for poodle/shihtzu etc sre actually really bad for their skin since their skin isn't made to be exposed to sun at all. So glad the vest covers the whole back!
I love that the vest is cool without having to hassle with freezing it. Its not dripping vet which also leaves your dog dry. Stays cool for so long!
Only size could be bit smaller but this can be tailored and doesn't change the amazing performance

Thank you so much for sharing! It's amazing to hear that Bonnie has been panting less on her walks when wearing the cooling vest, this makes us really happy. We wish Bonnie & Teddy continued health and wellness!

Parvathy N.
Best Purchase of 2023

Absolutely love the cooling vest:)
Obi loves being outdoors & this works like magic. I noticed he was panting less & wanted to stay outside for longer. Must have for every pet parent to beat the UAE summer!

Thank you so much for sharing this. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our holistic pet products and that Obi is able to enjoy longer walks with his cooling vest.


How does this work?

  • Your dog will be dry beneath the coat

  • It is the evaporation of the water from the coat that cools your dog rather than the cold water it holds

  • The ambient temperature will determine the rate of cooling as it determines the rate of evaporation

  • Your dog will be kept cool and not cold


How to use the cooling vest:

  • Soak in water. As it absorbs the water, gently massage all areas to encourage absorption in all areas. Your coat will open as you do this.

  • Gently wring out the excess water, leaving plenty of water in it but without it dripping

  • Put it on your dog, do not over-tighten the girth strap as your dog will need room to be able to lie down.

  • If your coat dries up while you’re outside, you can rewet the coat or pour water on it.

  • Once you’re done with the coat, fold it up into a convenient size for storage while it is still wet. Let it dry naturally, preferably in a location where it will not take long to dry. Improper storing techniques can lead to the growth of mildew or mold. 


the vest must be wet

  • The vest must be wet to cool your dog. They should not be worn when dry. Always ensure you re-wet the coat when it starts drying.


Frequently asked questions


How do I store my cooling vest?



For longest life and to avoid incorrect storage always allow the coat to dry naturally when not in use. While wet fold your coat to a convenient size for storage and let it dry naturally. It will dry hard (like a chamois leather).

Do not bend, fold or pull the vest apart when it’s dry because this product is made in layers with a mesh within and you may damage a surface, which will not impact performance, but will prove less aesthetically pleasing.

Store different color cooling vests seperately from each other.

The final manufacturing procedure involves steaming the coats using a proven and safe anti-bacterial and fungicidal process. This is why your newly bought coat will be damp in its bag. When new and clean and sealed correctly in its packaging, your coat can be stored safely for as long as you wish with no fear of mould or mildew. 


How do I wash my cooling vest?


You can wash your cooling vest either by hand or in the machine.

  • Use cool water 30 – 40 C max.
  • Do not use bleaches, sterilising agents, etc.
  • If you add anything to the water, then use a mild disinfectant and dilute it as instructed by the manufacturer pouring it into the soap dispenser and not straight onto the coat. You may use your washing powder/tablets, but again you must put them in the soap dispenser and not into the drum of the machine.
  • Always ensure when washing that the hook and loop fastenings (velcro style) are fastened together.
  • Wash separately and wash colours separately.


why we love AQUAMAT!


Based in the UK, Aquamat designs and manufactures cooling coats, drying coats, dog towels, & more. Their focus is to create comfortable products for the welfare of your dog, keeping the pet parent in mind making the products extra convenient and easy to use. 

In 2020 we attended Crufts in the UK for the first time, which is one of the biggest pet expos in Europe!

On our very first day, the very first thing that caught our eyes was this awesome cooling vest for dogs! 

Of course, I thought: “Wow, this would be perfect for the Dubai Heat!” and when I went to test out the product I got a little too excited about trying this out with Milka.

Ever since the summer heat started in early May, this cooling vest has become an absolute essential for every walk and desert run. We have been absolutely amazed by how well it keeps our french bulldog from panting and how much better she can handle the heat now. 

We love the fact that it is easy to use - No refrigeration required! Just pour water on it and wrap it around your dog. Now we can go on much longer walks with Milka, keeping her safe and ourselves stress-free!


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