Equine Jump for JOYntsEquine Jump for JOYnts
Equine Jump for JOYntsEquine Jump for JOYntsEquine Jump for JOYntsEquine Jump for JOYnts

Help your Equine prevent and overcome joint pain, arthritis, ACL, bone and muscle injuries! Equine Jump for JOYnts supports healthy joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

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  • For Equines & More

  • For Equines With Chronic Joint Problems, Laminitis, Arthritis and Acute Injury. Also for Equines for  Prevention and Occasional Signs of Stiffness

  • Clinically Tested for Over a Decade With Incredible Results

  • Safe & Non-Toxic Alternative to NSAIDs

  • For Equines and more

  • For Equines With Chronic Joint Problems, Laminitis, Arthritis and Acute Injury. Also for Equines for Prevention and Occasional Signs of Stiffness

  • Clinically Tested for Over a Decade With Incredible Results

  • Safe & Non-Toxic Alternative to NSAIDs

Relief from joint & arthritis pain

Help your horse overcome joint & arthritis pain the natural way, without the harmful side effects of NSAIDs. Clinically tested for over a decade with amazing results!

Increase mobility & Support healthy joints

4-way mobility support! Supports healthy joints, ligaments, tendons, muscle and helps prevent joint issues before they arise.



Great remedy for any type of trauma. Helps lower inflammation and pain after surgery and helps your horse recover faster.


Highest quality 

professional human-grade horse products


Adored Beast uses only the very best professional human-grade ingredients to keep your equine safe! FREE of fillers, grains, synthetics, GMO and other health depriving ingredients!




  • Get your horse up and running again, without worrying about any harmful side effects of NSAIDs and conventional pain killers.

  • This is a 4-Way mobility support for healthy joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It can support common joint issues including ACL injuries, arthritis, bone, and muscle injuries.

  • Many traditional joint products can harm your horse’s liver and cause further degeneration of the joints. For decades, Jump for JOYnts has been used to effectively and safely treat stiffness and pain in all kinds of pets with amazing results and no harmful side effects.

  • It does not contain MSM which can cause sensitivity in some horses.


what makes adored beast products different?

  • Professional Human-Grade means the ingredients aren't just human grade, but they are the best quality human grade ingredients that you can imagine! Unlike other products, Adored Beast uses only the highest quality ingredients and absolutely no fillers!

  • Homeopathy reminds the body of what it has to do, so it is the real ability of your pet’s body to stop the pain, stop the itch, to kill the bacteria and the list goes on (with zero side effects or contraindications). This can help the body not only survive, but thrive! 

  • To reduce suffering and pain as quickly and curatively as possible and to provide the best quality of life possible, Adored Beast homeopathic formulations are considered "combination remedies" which means several remedies are mixed into one formula.


Homeopathic preparation of Calendula, Ruta Grav, Symphytum, and Arnica

Inactive Ingredients: Demineralized Water, Glycerin

All ingredients are professional human grade. Each ingredient in this product has been carefully selected to target each component of your horse's digestive tract and health.


  • Helps speed up recovery and is a great source of vitamin E & A
  • Helps to heal trauma
  • Known as the greatest healing agent
  • A first-aid go-to for abrasions, injuries
  • Fights inflammation, viruses and bacteria
  • Enhances the growth of new tissue to help repair the injured and stretched mucosa lining of your Pet’s gut. 
  • Protects cells from free radical damage

Ruta grav

  • Indicated for soreness in the bones, tendons, joints, and cartilage
  • First-aid treatment for sprains, injuries, strain, bruises bones, pulled ligaments
  • Origin: Rue

Symphytum Officinale

  • Indicated for injuries to bones, cartilage, tendons, and periosteum
  • A first-aid go-to for abrasions, injuries
  • Origin: Comfrey

Arnica Montana

  • Addresses old injuries, pain and inflammation
  • A muscular tonic
  • Post-surgical remedy
  • Has been used to treat trauma, pain, inflammation, and bruising for centuries.
  • Contains selenium and manganese which are powerful antioxidants and help create healthy bones, aid in wound healing and aid in metabolising protein and carbs.
  • The plant grows under rough and dramatic conditions on the side of a mountain
  • Origin: Relative of the common daisy


  • Helps to naturally preserve the tincture 



Free of molds, chemicals and heavy metals. Toxic preservatives need not apply.

NO GLuten

No grains, wheat, barley, peanuts, rye, or oats. Nothing to irritate such allergies.


Every ingredient in Adored Beast products is a 100% pure, active ingredient. There are no fillers.


The ingredients used are all-natural vitamins and minerals, nothing synthetic. EVER.


All of the ingredients are sourced from non-GMO farms. No pesticides or herbicides are used either.



  • For horses with chronic joint problems, arthritis and acute injury

  • Signs of limping or discomfort 

    while walking/running/jumping

  • Signs of joint pain

  • Hip Displasia

  • Arthritis

  • ACL injury

  • Bone and muscle injuries

  • After surgery

  • To maintain healthy joints


how TO USE

Equine jump for joynts:

Give directly in the mouth with a spoon. 

Week 1&2 : One dropper (0.5ml) twice per day

After 2 weeks: One dose once or twice per day as needed


Important Notes

  • The dose is the same regardless of the horse’s weight
  • For best results, do not give within 20 minutes of meals
  • In chronic cases where symptoms do not begin to improve within 10 days, it is best to consult your veterinarian
  • *Do not refrigerate and store away from appliances and electronics.


Frequently asked questions


Can I use Jump for JOYnts as a prevention for future joint problems?


You can use Jump For JOYnts as prevention in theses case:

For performance horses: recommend one dose twice a day for two days and then once per month.

For performance horses use daily during competition and afterwards and for up to 5 days.

For senior horses or horses with chronic joint stiffness or lameness: use J4J twice a day for two days once a month.

If your horse has EVER had a limb injury but has no residual problem, it is helpful to use J4J twice a day for 2 days and repeat that once every 3 months.


What is the shelf life?


The bottle is good for up to 4 years.


can i give this in food?


While Julie Anne Lee prefers for you to give the remedy directly into the mouth, she has witnessed that the products work just as well when you add them to your pets food.

Some horses won't let you drop the remedy directly into the mouth, in this case just add it to their food.


What Animals can this be given to?


Julie Anne Lee has used Jump for JOYnts on every animal. It can be used on camels and other large exotic animals


What if my pet has liver or kidney issues?


Jump For Joynts doesn't have any contraindicatios with any organs. NSAIDs do effect other organs, which is why Jump for Joynts is a safer alternative.


why we love Adored beast!


Adored Beast is one of our absolute favourite pet health brands for a very good reason!

Many pet parents (including us) accredit Adored Beast with helping their pets overcome health issues that were not responding to conventional treatments as well as restoring true, long-lasting health in their pets.

Adored Beast has made it their mission to find the most natural and gentle, yet incredibly effective solutions to your pets health issues.

Years of clinical experience and research have gone into developing the products. There is hardly any other brand that is as ethical when it comes to sourcing ingredients and formulating products! 

We are extremely proud and grateful to be able to offer Adored Beast products to the animals of the UAE! 


Julie Anne Lee, DCH, the founder of Adored Beast has been a pioneer in the holistic pet health space for decades. Since graduating from the Vancouver Academy of Homeopathy in 1997, Julie has studied with some of the most renowned homeopaths worldwide and has run her own strictly holistic veterinary practices in North America.

Julie is an incredible mentor to us and we are incredibly grateful that pets around the world benefit from her determination to help our pets live healthier lives!

We could listen to Julies stories for hours and hours, learning about her journey of becoming a holistic veterinarian and homeopath, being inspired by her stories of changing Canada legislation to create a more natural approach to pet health care.

Julie has been the owner and practitioner of some of the busiest and long-standing holistic Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics in North America, an instructor at the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine, lecturer for the American Homeopathic Veterinary Association, British Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons Association and many more over the last 20 years.

In 2019 we visited Adored Beasts production facility in Canada and saw with our own eyes how Adored Beast products are made and we were absolutely amazed.

Only the highest quality ingredients and absolutely no fillers are used in Adored Beast products! Everything in the bottle has a specific job to do and is only used to the benefit of your pet! Julie's ethics when it comes to the products and who she works with are incredible!

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