Our pets are exposed to a large amount of toxins on a daily basis, through air, food, stress, pesticides and more. Their bodies need help dealing with the toxic load, which is why we recommend detoxing your pet at least twice a year to support liver, kidney, pancreas, and skin health. 

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Liver TonicLiver Tonic
Dhs 116.67
Faith’s Cleanse & DetoxFaith’s Cleanse & Detox
Dhs 160.95
Super Cleanse KelpSuper Cleanse Kelp
Dhs 84.76
Equine Liver TonicEquine Liver Tonic
Dhs 360.95
Dynacol Zeolite Canine & FelineDynacol Zeolite Canine & Feline
Dhs 119.05
Anti-Vaccinosis (Rebalancer)Anti-Vaccinosis (Rebalancer)
Dhs 103.81
Leaky Gut Protocol - 5 Product Repair KitLeaky Gut Protocol - 5 Product Repair Kit
Dhs 613.33
Soil & Sea | Primordial Pre & ProbioticsSoil & Sea | Primordial Pre & Probiotics
Dhs 360.95
Anti-tip Dog & Cat Bowls (Set of 2 Bowls) - Food Grade Stainless SteelAnti-tip Dog & Cat Bowls (Set of 2 Bowls) - Food Grade Stainless Steel
Dhs 151.43
Yeasty Beast III Topical SprayYeasty Beast III Topical Spray
Dhs 116.67
Gut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / HerbsGut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / Herbs
Dhs 252.38
Bison Green - Grass-Fed Freeze Dried Whole Food BitesBison Green - Grass-Fed Freeze Dried Whole Food Bites
Dhs 75.24
Organic Superfood SetOrganic Superfood Set
Dhs 614.29Dhs 552.86
Paleo Ridge 80-10-10 Variety BundlePaleo Ridge 80-10-10 Variety Bundle
Dhs 238.10
Allergy & Yeast Relief ProtocolAllergy & Yeast Relief Protocol
Dhs 1,663.81
Paleo Ridge Essentials Variety BundlePaleo Ridge Essentials Variety Bundle
Dhs 252.38Dhs 239.76
Paleo Ridge Super BundlePaleo Ridge Super Bundle
Dhs 296.19