Heart Health

A collection of natural, safe and non-toxic pet supplements and remedies to support and maintain your pet's heart health.

Ingredients you can recognize and trust, because every pet deserves the best!

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Classic Lamb Breast & Heart (1kg)Classic Lamb Breast & Heart (1kg)
Dhs 71.43
Raw HEMP OilRaw HEMP Oil
Dhs 103.81
Bison Green - Whole Food BitesBison Green - Whole Food Bites
Dhs 75.24
Beef Red - Whole Food BitesBeef Red - Whole Food Bites
Dhs 70.48
Dynacol Zeolite Canine & FelineDynacol Zeolite Canine & Feline
Dhs 119.05Dhs 89.29
Augustine's SuperboostAugustine's Superboost
Dhs 256.19
Faith’s Cleanse & DetoxFaith’s Cleanse & Detox
Dhs 160.95
Leaky Gut ProtocolLeaky Gut Protocol
Dhs 613.33
Liver TonicLiver Tonic
Dhs 116.67
Dhs 103.81
TriPlex™ MCT-3 (Coconut) OilTriPlex™ MCT-3 (Coconut) Oil
Dhs 180.00
Salmon Blue - Whole Food BitesSalmon Blue - Whole Food Bites
Dhs 70.48
Organic Superfood SetOrganic Superfood Set
Dhs 519.05Dhs 467.14
Duck Orange - Whole Food BitesDuck Orange - Whole Food Bites
Dhs 132.38
Just Greens - Organic Vegetable Blend with NettlesJust Greens - Organic Vegetable Blend with Nettles
Dhs 147.62
Organic Healthy Skin & Coat SupplementOrganic Healthy Skin & Coat Supplement
Dhs 103.81
Soil & Sea | Primordial Pre & ProbioticsSoil & Sea | Primordial Pre & Probiotics
Dhs 360.95