The pancreas is responsible for producing digestive enzymes and helping to breakdown nutrients from foods. When a dog or cat is diagnosed with pancreatitis they will need support for the pancreas. By providing additional digestive enzymes through the food, we are helping to reduce strain on the pancreas.

Low-Fat and Low-Carbohydrate diets are recommended by holistic veterinarians to help support pets with pancreatitis. 

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Soil & Sea | Primordial Pre & ProbioticsSoil & Sea | Primordial Pre & Probiotics
Dhs 360.95
Leaky Gut ProtocolLeaky Gut Protocol
Dhs 613.33
Liver TonicLiver Tonic
Dhs 116.67
Dhs 103.81
Classic Lamb Tripe & Turkey (1kg)Classic Lamb Tripe & Turkey (1kg)
Dhs 47.14
Classic Beef Tripe & Duck (1kg)Classic Beef Tripe & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 49.52Dhs 47.14
Classic Beef, Rabbit, & Duck (1kg)Classic Beef, Rabbit, & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 66.67
Turkey JerkyTurkey Jerky
Dhs 85.24
Duck JerkyDuck Jerky
Dhs 85.24
Turkey Gizzard SticksTurkey Gizzard Sticks
Dhs 79.05
Essentials Beef Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)Essentials Beef Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)
Dhs 50.00
Essentials Lamb Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)Essentials Lamb Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)
Dhs 50.00
Classic Wild Venison & Duck (500g)Classic Wild Venison & Duck (500g)
Dhs 52.38
Classic Venison, Beef Tripe, & Duck (1kg)Classic Venison, Beef Tripe, & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 64.76
Raw Kangaroo Chunks (500g)Raw Kangaroo Chunks (500g)
Dhs 86.00