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Classic Beef, Rabbit, & Duck (1kg)Classic Beef, Rabbit, & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 66.67
Classic Venison, Beef Tripe, & Duck (1kg)Classic Venison, Beef Tripe, & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 64.76
Classic Wild Venison & Duck (500g)Classic Wild Venison & Duck (500g)
Dhs 52.38
DIY Whole Fish (800g)DIY Whole Fish (800g)
Dhs 59.05
Pasture-Raised Duck Necks (800g)Pasture-Raised Duck Necks (800g)
Dhs 51.43
Pasture-Raised Duck Feet (600g)Pasture-Raised Duck Feet (600g)
Dhs 53.33
Classic Lamb Tripe & Duck (1kg)Classic Lamb Tripe & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 49.52
Paleo Ridge 80-10-10 Variety BundlePaleo Ridge 80-10-10 Variety Bundle
Dhs 238.10Dhs 233.33
Classic Lamb Tripe & Turkey (1kg)Classic Lamb Tripe & Turkey (1kg)
Dhs 47.14
Easy Switch to Raw BundleEasy Switch to Raw Bundle
Dhs 414.29
Classic Beef Tripe & Duck (1kg)Classic Beef Tripe & Duck (1kg)
Dhs 49.52Dhs 47.14
Classic Beef Tripe & Organic Chicken (1kg)Classic Beef Tripe & Organic Chicken (1kg)
Dhs 47.14Dhs 44.76
Raw Kangaroo Chunks (500g)Raw Kangaroo Chunks (500g)
Dhs 86.00
Classic Lamb Breast & Heart (1kg)Classic Lamb Breast & Heart (1kg)
Dhs 71.43
DIY Pasture-Raised Lamb Ribs (1kg)DIY Pasture-Raised Lamb Ribs (1kg)
Dhs 61.90
Essentials Beef Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)Essentials Beef Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)
Dhs 50.00
Essentials Lamb Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)Essentials Lamb Dinner 1kg (500g x 2)
Dhs 50.00
Classic Beef Bone Broth (400ml)Classic Beef Bone Broth (400ml)
Dhs 47.14
Classic Lamb Bone Broth (400ml)Classic Lamb Bone Broth (400ml)
Dhs 47.14
Paleo Ridge Essentials Variety BundlePaleo Ridge Essentials Variety Bundle
Dhs 250.00
Paleo Ridge Super BundlePaleo Ridge Super Bundle
Dhs 296.19
Classic Bone Broth BundleClassic Bone Broth Bundle
Dhs 89.52