Flea & Tick Protection

Safe and non-toxic flea & tick protection for pets!

Keeping our pets healthy from the inside is very important when we want to prevent fleas & ticks naturally. Additionally there are natural products that help repel perky pests!

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15 products

15 products

Flea+Tick Lavender Shampoo for Dogs
Dhs 94.00
Flea+Tick Lemongrass Repel Spray (Dog & Cat)
Dhs 94.00
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No More Worms - Organic Parasite Protection Herbal Remedy
Dhs 129.00
Herbal Flea & Tick Spot-On (Toxic-Free)
from Dhs 89.00
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Faith’s Cleanse & Detox
from Dhs 169.00
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Rejuvenate - Organic Lemongrass Dog Deodorizing Spray
Dhs 95.00
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Energize - Organic Peppermint Deodorizing Spray
Regular price Dhs 95.00 Sale priceDhs 57.00 Save 40%
Cooling Organic Peppermint Dog Shampoo
Dhs 135.00
Fido’s Flora - Canine Specific Pre & Probiotic
from Dhs 229.00
Leaky Gut Protocol
from Dhs 479.00
Feline Gut Soothe - Pre & Probiotics / Herbs
Dhs 153.00
Felix’s Flora - Feline-Specific Pre & Probiotic
Dhs 185.00
The Wolf - Species Appropriate Pre & Probiotic
Dhs 265.00
Soil & Sea | Primordial Pre & Probiotics
from Dhs 229.00
Easy Switch to Raw Bundle
from Dhs 435.00